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# Sentence Times
1. Acted as if nothing whatever out of the ordinary had transpired. 1
2. All memorable events, I should say, transpire in morning time and in a morning atmosphere. 1
3. All the forces of isolationism would have been aroused if any part of interchanges had transpired. 1
4. All this was, it transpired, the result of an upheaval deep within the cell. 1
5. An important event transpired yesterday. 1
6. And while thy willing soul transpires at every pore with instant fires. 1
7. As it later transpired, she had known him at school. 1
8. As it transpired afterwards, she had availed herself of the anthropophagous customs of the Amahagger to organize this sacrifice in revenge of the slight put upon her by Job. 1
9. As it transpired though, he was to find the lease of the le Fleming mines unavailable. 1
10. As it transpired, the Labour government did not dare go against the pressures exerted by the City. 1
11. As noted in chapter 4, this has not transpired; instead the Treasury plays the dominant role in budget provision. 1
12. But as the story unfolds, it transpires that his skills as a middle manager are less relevant at board level and his general popularity disguised his less demanding attitude towards team members. 1
13. But in the end it transpired that the allusion was characteristically to an Edwardian popular song. 1
14. Don't get me wrong, I fully anticipated demand for this game to be huge as it is such a glamourous tie, what I didn't expect was what would transpire as the hours passed by this morning. 1
15. Exactly what transpired remains unknown. 1
16. He appeared in court to answer a charge of drink-driving - not, it transpired, for the first time. 1
17. However, when other parameters are varied it may transpire that the optimum window size varies as well. 1
18. I hurriedly with body of the hanging drawbar, quickly hook lives a coral reef, mega honked not to put, otherwise, I would like a leaf samples may transpire coiled where. 1
19. If it transpires that the patient has not yet attended the general practitioner for this diabetic review one reminder prompt is sent. 1
20. If this transpires then the emergence of fairness really will have a substantial effect on the whole area of procedural due process. 1
21. In her first full testimony, which included supporting architectural evidence, Maria Isabel "Chicha" Chorobik de Mariani described in detail what transpired on the fateful day of November 24, 1976. 1
22. In life what you aspire will transpire - be it loss or gain, sun or rain, joy or pain. RVM  1
23. It finally transpired the chairman had changed his mind. 1
24. It later transpired that he hadn't been telling the truth. 1
25. It may thus transpire that a marginal improvement is insufficient to justify the increase in complexity associated with this algorithm. 1
26. It now transpires that he kept all the money for himself. 1
27. It transpired in backyards and on doorsteps and inside offices as well as in the classroom. 1
28. It transpired that he had been scouting at the Festival. 1
29. It transpired that Hush Puppies were cornmeal fritters, seasoned with eggs and beer, and very tasty. 1
30. It transpired that Paolo had left his driving licence at home. 1

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