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1. and by 1989 Mikhail Gorbachev was in power promising perestroika—a comprehensive restructuring of Soviet politics and economy—and glasnost, a policy of openness and transparency. 1
2. "I'm convinced that by setting out clear rules of the road and ensuring transparency and fair dealings, we will actually promote a more vibrant market," Obama said. 1
3. "Investors in offshore funds want transparency," said John Fadely, a Clifford Chance lawyer focusing on fund formation, referring to concerns of the LPs. 1
4. "The rock", as locals call it, or "a sunny place for shady people", as the writer Somerset Maugham put it, has survived both the recession and demands for transparency just fine. 1
5. "Traceability is a key word - traceability means transparency and transparency means credibility," she added. 2
6. "We have been concentrating on finding those who are committed to improving accountability, participation and transparency and finding ways to help them achieve their goals," Hellman says. 1
7. A microprocessor based builtin test scheme for SOC is proposed, which employs transparency path test access mechanism. 1
8. A number of circumstances in which a transparency could be lost or damaged would be quite beyond the control of the borrower. 1
9. A sample application was developed and deployed to demonstrate protocol and service location transparency. 1
10. A technique of spatial encoding color photographic image in a black and white transparency for coherent polychromatic processing is presented. 1
11. A tradition of banking secrecy, which protected clients from tax collectors, is giving way to an era of more transparency. 1
12. A transparency, effective strategy for graphics objects distribution is the basic of retained - mode parallel graphics system. 1
13. A typewriter is also appealing in its transparency — whack a key, and watch the typebar smack a letter onto a piece of paper. 1
14. Access and transparency to research data are of the utmost importance. 1
15. Access transparency : Enable local and remote resources to be accessed using identical operation. 1
16. Albite and labradorite both belong to plagioclase series, but they are the two different varieties. According to the characters of inclusion and transparency, iridescent ... 1
17. Alunite added in the chicken-blood stones could reduce the transparency of "Di" while the hardness increases. 1
18. Among the other features are file history, tabbed windows, language keyword helper, line edit commands and transparency support. 1
19. An ESB provides service location transparency, protocol conversion, and a number of other functions using standard or custom mediations that are required for a resilient SOA. 1
20. And the establishment of full transparency of information collection and feedback system. 1
21. Aquamarine, symbolizing the near perfect clarity and transparency of the ocean, is the big sister of the Beryl family whose relatives also include Bixbite, Goshenite, Emerald, Heliodor and Morganite. 1
22. As the light changes, the regime of transparency opposed to reflectiveness will be in continuous flux. 1
23. At last, enhance the transparency of their operations and strengthen the external intendance. 1
24. Because the density of water - based ink color, covered up thick holdout, colors and transparency. 1
25. Black solid content and high viscosity, transparency, in particular the levelling, prefilming, die cut resistance, embossing, engrave mechanical shock. 1
26. Both men argued that legality and transparency often conflict with the interests of state. 1
27. Bribery has begun to dwindle since the OECD convention, says transparency International, a pressure group. 1
28. Bringing China's legislation and regulations into full compliance with GPA non-discrimination and transparency provisions. 1
29. Broker provided location transparency. 1
30. But from where I stand, it is the wider issue of transparency that really counts. 1

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