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# Sentence Times
1. A 45 % glass reinforced, lubricated liquid crystal polymer resin with improved toughness. 1
2. A cathodic electrodeposition coatings was prepared employing a polypropylene glycol toughness-enhanced epoxy resin as matrix and acrylic monomers as grafted copolymer. 0
3. A Charpy test is usually much less expensive to perform than a fracture toughness characterization experiment. 1
4. A toughness cushion ring is arranged at the bottom of the threaded column on the jar lid. 1
5. A wear resisting steel with high toughness has been studied. 1
6. Abraham proved his toughness in his 2006 fight against Miranda, who broke the then-titleholder's jaw in the fourth round. 1
7. Abrasive ratio, thermal stability, impact toughness and cohesive strength are main performance figures of PDC. 1
8. ABS offers a balance of strength toughness high gloss processability non - toxicity high dimensional accuracy and stability. 1
9. According to the requirements of automobile exhaust pipes on material and its properties, a high strength and toughness nodular cast iron of thin section castings has been developed. 1
10. Afterfinish: advanced equipment and distinctive technices heighten the apparel with perfect toughness. 1
11. All that toughness is just a cover for his inability to show affection. 1
12. An energy method for determining fracture toughness of fibrous composite laminates was based on the theory of elastic energy release rate and crack-growth resistance in this paper. 1
13. And nepheline can improve the physical properties of PVC, such as impact toughness, surface hardness, etc. , meantime it can also improve the engineering properties of PVC. 1
14. As I recalled, it was Liu Li's thoughtfulness in keeping her daughter's umbilical cord and deciduous tooth as well as her toughness and pride that moved me. 1
15. As they move upwards they lose their nuclei and synthesize the special proteins like keratin that give the skin its protective toughness. 1
16. Aside from the effect of temperature on fracture toughness , no other environmental effects are probable. 1
17. Based on fracture mechanics, the concept of thermal equivalent toughness is employed to evaluate the strengthened toughness of resin sands at elevated temperatures. 2
18. Bonded copper interconnects test structures were created by thermocompression bonding and the bond toughness was measured using the four-point test. 1
19. Both hardness and impact toughness of the granular pearlite are better than that of lamellar pearlite, but the latter has a better wear resistance. 1
20. But he insists regret should never make a footballer compromise on toughness. 1
21. But the addition of SM master alloy has some deleterious effect on the toughness of sintered steel. 1
22. Castable refractories reinforced with steel fibers can make the toughness of furnace lining and its thermal shock-resistant property raised and improved obviously, and its service life prolonged. 1
23. Characteristic: High open area, good toughness, elasticity and precise plate making etc. , Used in printing fine line, pattern, geometrical design, half tone, etc for rotary printing machine. 1
24. Chromium also tends to refine the grain structure of steel, thereby increasing its toughness. 1
25. CONCLUSION: The bending, torsion, compression and impulsion decrease in the osteoporotic models after ovariectomy, which indicates that the bone fiber strength and toughness reduce after osteoporosis. 1
26. Curing film toughness and attach themselves fastness, gloss, high wear resistance. 1
27. CVN(Charpy V-notch) toughness and grain size number of J55 grade oil casings produced by Baotou Iron and Steel Company did not meet the reiative standards in the past. 1
28. Due to flexible filling material, the utility model can also make up the defects of inadequate toughness and elasticity of light wood. 1
29. Eddery had to be at his most determined to beat Nominator whose hallmark is toughness. 1
30. Engineering ceramic materials have attractive properties: high hardness, high thermal resistance, chemical inertness, low thermal conductivity and low fracture toughness etc. 1





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