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# Sentence Times
1. A cold, bitter wind blows through the branches, its whistling filled with the cries of tormented souls. 1
2. A few hours later Tarhouni sped by convoy to the war-ravaged town of Misurata to formally identify the bloodied and beaten corpse of his tormenter on behalf of the rebel leaders. 1
3. A morally ambiguous confidence man who smokes, has lung cancer and is tormented by the spirits of the undead. Well, if that doesn't make me the favorite aunt, I don't know what will. 1
4. A second stroke followed without respite, and she squealed at the strange torment it brought to her twin moons. 1
5. A similar turnabout occurs with the story of Pandora and her box of evils and torments. 1
6. A string orchestra wailed as if in torment. 1
7. Able to twist them, direct them, fill them with ecstasy, or torment them. 1
8. Absolve the torment that you suffer. 1
9. After 10 years of torment, Kiranjit Ahluwalia, 36, threw petrol over sleeping husband Deepak and set him on fire. 1
10. Alcoholics are mocked and tormented when they can not scrounge the kopek needed for their next drink. 1
11. All the methods we tried to lessen the torment failed. 1
12. All the torments of the one class and the joys of the other are described at length. 1
13. And even though the little fellow stood stock still, his shadow heaved and twisted as some living creature writhing in unimaginable torment. 1
14. And Fiordiligi puts up more resistance than her sister Dorabella, and her brilliant coloratura arias reflect her emotional torment. 1
15. And make no mistake , United really did need a win after last week's Turf Moor torment. 1
16. And saying , Lord, my servant lieth at home sick of the palsy , grievously tormented. 1
17. And the smell of those cigarettes in his tormentor's office, where he stood barefoot and shivering for hours on end. 1
18. And then came the offer that took her back to her Nashville roots — playing the wife of tormented country star Johnny Cash. A singing role. 1
19. Andie MacDowell portrays a woman who is tormented by the ghost of her abusive, alcoholic husband. 1
20. Antonius Block: Faith is a torment. 1
21. Antonius Block: Faith is a torment. It is like loving someone who is out there in the darkness but never appears, no matter how loudly you call. 1
22. As she deals with mounting evidence that yet another boy may be in danger, we share her torment. 1
23. Ashley's eyes awoke and were tormented. 1
24. At the same time, he became adept at nurturing his image as a tormented rebel in touch with primal truths. 1
25. At the same time, he became adept at nurturing his image as a tormented rebel in touch with primal truths. This website 1
26. At times the memories returned to torment her. 1
27. Beauty mainly torments us, as a matter of fact. 1
28. Bernard was in a torment of perplexity. 1
29. Both sides produced their facts and figures, and each was tormented by doubt. 1
30. But he never finds her again, and is imprisoned in his strange mixture of tormented lust and repentance. 1




torments (plural noun)

  - severe physical or mental suffering.


torments (third person present) · tormented (past tense) · tormented (past participle) · tormenting (present participle)

  - cause to experience severe mental or physical suffering.


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