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# Sentence Times
1. A thin layer of topsoil was swept away. 1
2. All day long wheelbarrows trundled up and down the unmade surface carrying topsoil to neaten up the edges of the path. 1
3. And back on the Farms of the refugees, the rain will further erode a topsoil without crops to hold it together. 1
4. And with tons of topsoil, they could still make it a goodish course. 1
5. Animal dung is spread by birds, devoured by insects, bacteria, and earthworms and mixed intimately into the topsoil. 1
6. As the crack gets bigger, the topsoil gently slumpsand develops into a sinkhole. 1
7. Compared with dripping and seeping irrigation, evaporation loss of water from topsoil is the most in furrow irrigation. 1
8. Deep ploughing puts subsoil on top and buries the living topsoil below the optimum depth. 1
9. Do you know what topsoil is made of? 1
10. Dump the topsoil here. 1
11. Dust storms occur when intense grazing pastureland of new growth , leaving the topsoil vulnerable to winds. 1
12. Erosion, the wearing away of topsoil by wind and rain, also contributes to water pollution. 1
13. Far over to side, dig some more topsoil, pile on top road, high, high. 1
14. Floods can remove fertile topsoil and begin a process resulting in the loss of planting areas. 1
15. For the cost of a few cubic feet of topsoil, the garden can be terraced excitingly on to, say, three levels. 1
16. Here a dry spell meant parched crops, a rainy spell, loss of topsoil. 1
17. How far from the roadbed would we have to go for our topsoil? 1
18. If the site is made of builder's rubble, cover it with a foot of topsoil. 1
19. In ABC soil, the uppermost zone of soil , containing humus ; topsoil. 1
20. In any case, the continuation of the war was forcing the revolution to dig much deeper than the topsoil of reforms. 1
21. In many countries the loss of productive topsoil has contributed to growing food deficits. 1
22. In Mingyong, surging meltwater has carried away topsoil; elsewhere, excess runoff has been blamed for more frequent flooding and landslides. 0
23. In some places the topsoil had been eroded and we had to zigzag up on loose scree. 1
24. In the bulldozed plots they were lowest of all, because the topsoil had been removed. 1
25. It used to take centuries to build up a centimetre or two of topsoil. 1
26. No other animal is so useful in building up good topsoil. 1
27. P mobility was strengthened in soil profile, and P of deep soil layer was promoted to move to topsoil in intercropping. 1
28. Soil oribatida amount has a marked seasonal change, and the majority inclines to distribute in topsoil with high temperature, while low temperature may cause the oribatida moving adown. 1
29. The auxiliary shaft topsoil adopted ordinary construction and drainages in hygrometric well. 1
30. The distribution plant roots in different soil layers was not influenced by Zn application in topsoil but by soil water supply. 1




topsoils (plural noun)

  - the top layer of soil.


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