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1. 'Exports to China mean an additional marginal profit for us, and we can tolerate that it will be less efficient than exports to Europe, ' Gazprom's Mr. Medvedev said. 1
2. "It's no wonder that their residents often tolerate extreme commutes in order to find affordable housing, " it said. 1
3. "There is greater public interest in protecting private life -- and that interest must tolerate the occasional missed misdemeanour," said Whittle, a former BBC controller of editorial policy. 1
4. A certain level of corruption is tolerated as part of the grease that oils the wheels of the republic. 1
5. A childish idea like that can be amusedly tolerated. 1
6. A man who wasn't a sea elf couldn't tolerate Auld Dessinha 's salves. 1
7. A nation that could tolerate ugliness without losing its appreciation for beauty would probably be a pretty forgiving place. 1
8. A stiff neck for a few weeks after a bump was tolerated in the past. 1
9. A watercourse viewed primarily as an effluent carrier will be thought better able to tolerate further pollution. 1
10. Actually, buffaloes tolerate a wide range of climatic differences. 1
11. Adaptation: The cherimoya is subtropical or mild-temperate and will tolerate light frosts. 1
12. All plug-in DAQ devices specify a maximum working voltage (MWV) that is the maximum common-mode voltage the DAQ device can tolerate and still make accurate measurements. 1
13. All reinfusion sessions were well tolerated, and there was no signal of an adverse biochemical or hemodynamic reaction to therapy. 1
14. All religions must be tolerated... for every man must get to heaven in his own way. Epictetus  1
15. All that liberals can not tolerate is pretension to infallibility. 1
16. All this occurs in magnetic fields very much above the maximum tolerated by the superconducting state. 1
17. Also, determine the absolute value of the maximum input undershoot in milivolts that can be tolerated by the device and still function. 1
18. Although off-pump surgery may not be suitable for every situation (it was not in my case), it may be an option for some patients who cannot tolerate the stress of the heart-lung machine. 1
19. America would not tolerate Russia intruding into its geopolitical sphere in Latin America. 1
20. America would not tolerate Russia intruding into its geopolitical sphere in Latin America. This website 1
21. And in this vacuum of ignorance, terrible practices have been tolerated because they delivered the promise of cheap food. 1
22. And students with a primary interest in art who may have registered for courses in this condescendingly tolerated specialty found themselves confronting a perplexingly irrelevant literature. 1
23. And will tolerate such mistakes as the O'Driscoll try and the cup final throw-in. 1
24. Another is the authority use, but must tolerate the legal hysteresis quality. 1
25. Are a gentleman? He should be the broad - minded cavalier who will tolerate, forgive and flatter her. 1
26. As a journalist you simply cannot tolerate inaccuracy. 1
27. As long as they avoid neighbourly confrontation and keep their congregations below a certain size (usually about 25), the Protestant ones are mostly tolerated, grudgingly. 1
28. Ascites should be treated with diuretics, although the elderly tolerate marked shifts in fluid and electrolytes less well than younger patients. 1
29. At best Gordievsky was tolerated by the authorities but still regarded as a traitor and untrustworthy. 1
30. At least one parlour in the tourist town of Batu on Java island has required its masseuses to padlock their skirts or trousers to make it clear that the establishment does not tolerate prostitution. 1

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