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# Sentence Times
1. ''Most of time, I was strapped and tied with rough coir strings except when they allowed me to go to the lavatory.'' 1
2. 'You're wearing a tie!' 'Full marks for observation.' 0
3. " 2005 to 2007, Huabei Oilfield pipeline for 3 years to acts of unlawful tying "Sword", a total of 22 clean-up tie line 1901, in order to create good conditions for oil and gas normal delivery. 1
4. " As for detained American human rights activist Harry Wu Hongda, Qian said the case had "no links to Sino-U.S. ties. 1
5. " Cheer up, " he said, as she tied the bonnet strings. 1
6. " There's a girl in there too ,'said Xing . " tie hex up also. 1
7. " Tied up at the office , " he said genially. " There were some accounts I had to straighten. " 0
8. "All digital, " said the designer about his neon patterns, like tie-dye leaking over shirts. 0
9. "Happiness and Wisdom" also used of sunrise, full moon naming of terms such deep meaning king and the minister of nature worship and social life, which tie in nicely. 1
10. "It's an indigenous revolution," says Miguel Urioste, researcher and former director with the La Paz-based nonpartisan land rights group Fundacion TIERRA. 0
11. "Kung Fu Panda 2's" promo campaign includes a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon that's traveling the country and a tofu tie-in. 0
12. "Love, free as air at sight of human ties , Spreads his light wings, and in a moment flies. "– Alexander Pope. 1
13. "Really?"Su's space pulls to interrogatively looking at Zhao tie Zhu. 1
14. "This guy ties everybody together, " says a veteran U.S. intelligence officer who has been watching Kashmiri's rise to prominence closely but is not authorized to speak publicly. 1
15. "We didn't look at it just as advertising revenue. We thought it could also be a way to build a relationship with the city of Beijing," Comstock said of GE's Olympic tie-up. 0
16. 1935 - In a span of 45 minutes at the Big Ten meet in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Jesse Owens sets or ties four track and field world records. 1
17. 46 years ago, Chairman Mao Zedong and General de Gaulle, two strategists with great vision and foresight, decided to establish official diplomatic ties between our two countries. 1
18. A 2007 article by a National Institutes of Health researcher in the journal Clinics in Liver Disease listed comfrey, chaparral and kava among other herbs potentially tied to liver damage. 1
19. A 72. 7 percent free throw shooter, he hit the shot, and the score was tied. 1
20. A 72. 7-percent free throw shooter, Hamilton hit the shot, an the score was tied. 1
21. A back opening fastens with buttons and a wide sash ties at the waist. 1
22. A beautiful social breakaway from the strict bouncer dominated norm of the suit and tie disco. 1
23. A black silk tie completed the ensemble. 1
24. A black tux with white shirt and black bow tie is the best way to go. 1
25. A bloody-mouthed mastiff tied by a chain to a lintel of a door snarled and barked. 1
26. A boneless strip of meat rolled and tied, as for roasting. 1
27. A breech-sight tie-in of the golf club comprises a keyswitch and a laser emitter with the breech-sight is located on a box. 0
28. A budget airline wants to organise weddings in the sky, aiming to be the first carrier to let couples tie the knot at cruising altitude, it said Thursday. 1
29. A bunch of herbs tied together, wrapped in cheesecloth or enclosed in a small cloth sack, and immersed during cooking, as in a soup or stew. 1
30. A business operator shall not, in selling its or his goods, make a tie-in sale against the wish of the buyer or attach other unreasonable conditions. 0




ties (third person present) · tied (past tense) · tied (past participle) · tying (present participle)

  - attach or fasten (someone or something) with string or similar cord.

  - restrict or limit (someone) to a particular situation, occupation, or place.

  - connect; link.

  - achieve the same score or ranking as another competitor or team.


ties (plural noun)

  - a piece of string, cord, or the like used for fastening or tying something.

  - a rod or beam holding parts of a structure together.

  - a strip of material worn around the collar and tied in a knot at the front with the ends hanging down, typically forming part of a man's business or formal outfit; a necktie.

  - a result in a game or other competitive situation in which two or more competitors or teams have the same score or ranking; a draw.


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