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# Sentence Times
1. And thewriting said this: "Son of Cambyses, over thee the gods keep guard, forotherwise thou wouldst never have come to so much good fortune. 1
2. Besides, Marx himself predicted a decline of theworking class and a steep increase in white-collar work. 1
3. But preacher Mat thew Henry used the phrase 250 years ago when commenting on the lyrics of another songwriter, Asaph . 1
4. By thew ay , tomorrow I will have evection for a week. 1
5. Conclusion:it is easy to obtain onjisapomin and thew method of identification is simple and rapid. 1
6. Dennis Quaid is the doughty knight, Bowen, battling David Thewlis' tyrannical king. 0
7. Eh, he is the top star in China also gets good reputation in thew... 1
8. Even if the current so-called civil society, thew ish of equals between man and woman is hard to achieve. The life will be vapidness if it can be achieved. 1
9. F or comparing to the newly-built houses, the original houses hold a larger ratio , so the energy-saving reformation will effect directly the fulfillment of thew h ole energy-saving work. 1
10. From this time on, "Nora left" becomes 20th century China females to awaken and to seek own liberation thew. 1
11. Given enough warning, it should be possible to push a threatening boulder out of thew ay. 1
12. Howard Carter is one of the most famous explorers thew... 1
13. I. M. F. chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn said thew real problem is a food deficit which were will probably last four for years. 1
14. Ifwe miss anything about the regular phone, I think it's thepsychoanalyst's trick it employed: you're lying on a couch facing thewall, imagining nonjudgmental empathy from someone you can't see. 1
15. Introduces the process principles of 500 t MAERZ lime kiln, and thew riter modified the some improper designs on foreign drawing during designing. 1
16. It would have been foolish for the translators to use thew ord "devil" in either passage. 1
17. Li - Be - Ta - Nb - bearing deposits in Lianyun Mountain on thewing of Lianyun Mountain anticline the densely distributed pegmatite area. 1
18. My wife always complains when I smoke. She says smoking is thew... 1
19. Once thew written administrative reconsideration decision is served, the decision is instantly legally effective. 1
20. One of the branches was just touching thewater. 1
21. Situated within HawaiiVolcanoes National Park, Kilauea may be the only volcano in theworld with a drive-in caldera. 1
22. The Model T, theworld's first family car affordable to the common people. 1
23. The Rudd Government has repeatedly called for caution by both sides in thewilds of the Antarctic. 1
24. The scientists have summed up the most dangerous plants in thew... 1
25. The term "Yips" in golf means the involuntary tremors on wrist, knuckles and thew. It could cause the professional golf players to miss on a fateful putting. 1
26. The top front teeth are thewhich are at risk from tooth decay. 1
27. The usual rule in primaries is that voters flock to thew inning candidate. 1
28. This exhibition is co-organized with nonprofit art institutes, academic community and various intellectual observers from all over theworld with subtile observation and independent opinions. 1
29. Tighten thew offtrack and cover the connection cover. 1
30. We have gotten the run around since it was CW and they outsourced thew calls to another country to lower their costs. 1

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