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# Sentence Times
1. "The real hurdle is getting them to try it," said Tracey Weber, the company's executive vice president for textbooks and digital education. 1
2. A computational problem about indefinite integral in some textbooks pointed out and gave a method to solve it. 1
3. A frequent fault is to read out passages from textbooks as though they represented the last word on the law. 1
4. A litter of notes, papers, and textbooks were strewn on the desk. 1
5. A part of the textbooks have arrived. 1
6. According to the "Nomenclative Rules in Organic Chemistry" (1980), some cases of naming Organic compounds in present university organic Chemistry textbooks is discussed in this paper. 1
7. After the blond - blue-eye female teacher saw the fourth grade Chinese textbooks that we brought to class , she told me gently, "Until sixth grade, he doesn't need to take math classes anymore." 1
8. All textbooks are non-fiction such as history, geography, mathematics and science. 1
9. Although earlier crude categories survive in some influential textbooks on ageing, a subtler stance has gradually emerged from this controversy. 1
10. And so they do, on the shelves of libraries, or in the pages of textbooks. 1
11. As natural history concept in western subject classification was introduced to China in modern times, new textbooks and dictionaries on natural history were published. 1
12. As well as textbooks and other printed matter, courses may include video and audio cassettes. 1
13. Attention should be given to hearing courses, with the hearing without textbooks is infeasible. 1
14. Because the national curriculum can not be properly taught without new textbooks, we will earmark funds for class and library books. 1
15. By comparision , this is another extreme way contrary to that of the textbooks in the past. 1
16. Can a school board require or prohibit the use of textbooks? 1
17. China has been criticising Japan for rewriting history in textbooks. 1
18. Classical business ethics textbooks tend to overlook simple dilemmas of conscience. 1
19. Combining the reform of textbooks system, the attempt to build up a complete picture editing management system has been illustrated. 1
20. Decades after expunging the idea of "small wars " from their textbooks after the trauma of Vietnam, American officers are relearning the lessons the hard way. 1
21. Do you consider these textbooks essential for the course? 1
22. Don't forget to budget for the cost of textbooks. 1
23. Education, with its cycles of instruction so carefully worked out, punctuated by textbooks -- those purchasable wells of wisdom-what would civilization be like without its benefits? 1
24. Elementary textbooks seem to contain no reference to it. 1
25. English textbooks and dictionaries are on sale everywhere. 1
26. Epidemiological studies by field staff demonstrated that smallpox did not spread so rapidly as textbooks suggested. 1
27. From 1970, South Korean primary and secondary schools, textbooks in Chinese characters has been canceled, the use of fully phonography . 1
28. Giving lectures is one way of imparting knowledge ; writing textbooks is another. 1
29. Have history textbooks been dumbed down over the past decade? 1
30. His team came across some ambiguous references in clinical textbooks and in the definitive psychiatrist's reference manual there is no such category for premature orgasms in women. 1





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