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# Sentence Times
1. A notarial will is one made by a testator through a notary agency. 1
2. A testator can revoke his will at any time during his life. 1
3. A testator may revoke or alter a will he previously made. 1
4. A testator would do well, however, to set up a trust if he was concerned that his will might fail. 1
5. A text of Modestinus also ends abruptly with the remark that the judge will ensure that the testator's instructions are enforced. 0
6. A trust is imposed on the heirs that they should manumit four slaves when the testator's children reach puberty. 0
7. A will is revoked by the subsequent marriage of the testator. 1
8. According to the social standard, the system of certain heitdom should be replaced by the system of forced heirdom in order to limit the testators freedom of testament. 1
9. Although the testator has addressed his son, it is his daughter here who can sue under trust for liberatio. 1
10. Apparently the intention of the testator is to remit a debt, so this is in effect a bequest of liberatio. 1
11. Article 17 A notarial will is one made by a testator through a notary agency. 1
12. Article 20 A testator may revoke or alter a will he previously made. 1
13. Article 20 A testator may revoke or alter will he previously made. 1
14. As it amounted to a conveyance out-and-out of the Testator's estate, it was not revocable. 0
15. Despite the generous role played by the testator's intention in these cases, the texts never speak of voluntas here. 0
16. Here, then, the doubts about precatory words are reasonable doubts whether they clearly express an intention on the part of a testator. 1
17. I conceive that the promise would not be binding for want of a previous request by the testator. 1
18. It was a mode of declaring who was to have the chieftainship, in succession to the testator . 1
19. Rather, it adds a new element, which is that the testator's son alone is to undertake liability. 0
20. Testamentary succession not only exited when the testator had no offspring but also did when having offspring. 1
21. The 12 cousins then decided that Violet should have £5,000, the testator's chattels and the freehold of the bungalow. 0
22. The addressee is Titius, heir to a share of the testator's estate. 0
23. The executor tried to comply with the intent of the testator. 1
24. The heirs or next of kin may have a damage claim for the intentional or negligent death of their relative or testator (wrongful death action). 1
25. The jurist is therefore able to suggest that the testator intended those sums also to be released. 1
26. The reversion rule designates a remainder in the heirs of the grantor or testator. 1
27. The Statute of Wills 1540 gave testators power to create future legal estates by their wills. 1
28. These pleas presuppose execution of the will by the testator. 1
29. What is the effect of a testator instructing his daughter to make no will? 1
30. What this illustrates is the tenacity of testators towards formulae which they believe increase the chances of their dispositions being observed. 1




testators (plural noun)

  - a person who has made a will or given a legacy.


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