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1. "Long before they reached their teens they were earning their keep" (J. M. Barrie). 1
2. "Once the dominant new fashion trend emerges, teens will rush back out to the stores, " says Klinefelter. 1
3. "Western people usually see dragons as cold-blooded reptiles, like snakes, " said Jonathan Haagen, copy editor for the teens. 1
4. A assemble of teens and a stager natator verify a agency activate from Ventura, CA to the San Fernando Valley in visit to agency downbound a prized taken surfboard. 1
5. A cross country and track athlete, Cassey encourages teens looking for an outlet to seek activities such as sports teams as a means of finding acceptance. 1
6. A high proportion of crime in any country is perpetrated by young males in their teens and twenties. 1
7. A high proportion of crime is perpetrated by young males in their teens and twenties. 1
8. A minority of children are sexually active before they are in their teens. 1
9. A part of the brain called the dorsal - lateral prefrontal cortex appears especially undeveloped in teens. 1
10. A recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study found nearly 70 percent of children and teens drank milk, but 20 percent weren't drinking low-fat milk. 1
11. Abigail Baird, a Vassar psychologist who studies teens, calls this neural gawkiness—an equivalent to the physical awkwardness teens sometimes display while mastering their growing bodies. 2
12. According to The Leading Question's recent research report, as many as 65% of UK teens are streaming music on a monthly basis. 1
13. After a national report on the high suicide rate among gay and lesbian teens, in 1992 Gov. 1
14. Alateen can also help teens whose parents may already be in treatment or recovery. The group Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) also offers resources for people living with alcoholics. 1
15. Alexander the Great acquired his warhorse Bucephalus when he was in his teens . 1
16. All 15 victims were in their teens or early 20s, slim and petite, almost always with long, dark hair. 1
17. All my children are in their teens. 1
18. All three started smoking as teens, smoked for decades, and claimed to have tried unsuccessfully to quit. 1
19. Also on the rise are repeat pregnancies among teens. 1
20. Amos moved to Los Angeles in her late teens to become a pop singer. 1
21. An American military plane unloaded a team of Air Force soldiers from Florida, while a Coast Guard plane loaded a group of U.S. teens on an evacuation flight. 1
22. An old wino had stopped a young man in his late teens who was carrying a huge sack of groceries. 1
23. And research presented at the BA Festival of Science in 2006 revealed that teens also have a neural excuse for self-centeredness. 1
24. As I got nearer, I saw they were young people, mostly in their late teens and early twenties. 1
25. At university, a doctor explained that the mood swings through my teens had been manic depression, but it seemed no more significant than saying that I'd had German measles. 1
26. Before speaking to the religious convention, he toured a curfew center for teens who violate the law. 1
27. Between 1991 and 2003, teens' condom use increased while their use of no contraceptive method declined, leading to a decreased risk of pregnancy and to declines in teen pregnancy and childbearing. 0
28. Bill Gates founded Microsoft Corporation while he was in his teens. 1
29. Birth rates for teens peaked in 1991 and have been declining since. 1
30. Both my daughters are in their teens. 1

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