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# Sentence Times
1. 'People spend so much of their time working that it's unavoidable,' says Ms. Taylor, 37, a professional development coordinator at Zoot Enterprises, a Bozeman, Mont., technical-services provider. 1
2. " Dodge Challenger Services technical maintenance manual, "2008. 1
3. "Actually, we did not have normal contact from the Arsenal board, but from a member of the technical staff at the club, " said Barbosa. 1
4. "Electronic" can be understood as follows: the technicalization of the course of production, the intangibility of existent form, and the mediumzation on display. 1
5. "He's doing very well, " said his father, a diesel technician at Eau Claire Machine and Volvo. 1
6. "I think the markets are ready for a sell-off that continues to be started by the Nasdaq futures markets," said Harry Michas, technical analyst and stock-index futures trader at 1
7. "Robot-football is more than just entertainment. It is the ideal scenario for developing moving robots in a mobile environment," said Steinbauer, a robotics specialist at Graz Technical University. 0
8. "Survival of the fittest" is a conversational way to describenatural selection, but a more technical description speaks ofdifferential rates of survival and reproduction. 1
9. "These losses are due to weak management, nonpayment by government and consumers for electricity consumed, and high technical losses from worn-out equipment," the note said. 1
10. "This research project is a good fit within Boeing's overall research-and-technology strategy," said Jim Paunicka, a Boeing Technical Fellow and the program's principal investigator. 0
11. "Under the guise of a technical fix, the government looks to be taking one more step toward conducting easy dragnet collection of Americans' most private communications," Calabrese said. 1
12. "Watch Numen", the network video surveillance platform, is tested using the improved test method to verify important technical parameters. 1
13. "You will get widespread delinquencies and you will see some companies going bankrupt and some companies going technically bankrupt -- the land of the living dead," he said. 1
14. A beagle with her intestines lying on the concrete, and lab technicians microwaving animals out of boredom. 1
15. A bipolar junction transistor relates to the technical field of a semiconductor power device. 1
16. A camera catches a technician crawling ofF the set! 1
17. A city alderman who lives nearby found a technical reason to jettison the sign. 1
18. A City of London County Court judge rejected the jail application on a legal technicality. 1
19. A clear technical strategy, founded on evidence, is the most persuasive way to unite partners in a cohesive approach. 1
20. A combined ice, snow skis belongs to the ice and snow sports equipment, in particular to the technical field of the design and manufacture of skating rinks or snowfield skis. 1
21. A composite sensor of shaft current and shaft magnetic flux belongs to checking technical field, and is used to solve the checking problems of shaft current of a motor. 1
22. A corps of technicians is/are accompanying the band on their tour. 1
23. A critical aspect of a technical solution is an explanation of the deliverables that are produced at each project milestone. 1
24. A death erection angel lust, or terminal erection is a post-mortem erection, technically a priapism, observed in the corpses of human males who have been executed, particularly by hanging. 1
25. A degree in this field provides technical skills a student would need to work as a music composer, arranger, orchestrator, or transcriber. 1
26. A dominion database format that is specially used in parasitic parameter extraction tools belongs to the technical field of IC CAD. 1
27. A few more technical terms are essential, and then we can discard the whole jargon-ridden dictionary of genetics. 1
28. A few technical glitches forced us to postpone the demonstration. 1
29. A file of technical terminology in computer science. Essential for learning programming. 1
30. A former general in the Iraqi Army, Rasheed was a brilliant -- if sometimes loud and difficult -- technical program manager for some of Iraq's most advanced military-development efforts. 1





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