Tardy Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A single machine random scheduling with uniform distributed random processing times is considered and the objective is to find an optimal schedule to minimize the expected number of tardy jobs. 1
2. Anterior subcutaneous transposition is a good method for treating tardy ulnar palsy. 1
3. But he also tends to be forgetful, and is often tardy and mercurial. 1
4. By locating these control nodes, the management system could emphatically control and deal with those tardy materials according to client orders, planning delivery and assignment priority. 1
5. CONCLUSION:Ultra-early operation combined with recovery treatment can achieve markedly better improvement in limb motor function and self-dependence ability than the early and tardy-early operations. 0
6. Dinner was somewhat delayed on account of David's rather tardy arrival. 1
7. Do not arrive tardy, can let superior had waited again long and discourteous. 1
8. Do please forgive this tardy reply. 1
9. Do please forgive this very tardy reply. 1
10. Early or tardy its due window of the job is highly discouraged, and it will incur earliness or tardiness penalty. 1
11. Excessive application of nitrogen fertilizers results in tardy bearing. 1
12. He comes out of Tom - all Alone's , meeting the tardy morning. 1
13. He continually bewailed his tardy journey to his mother's house. 1
14. He was never tardy or absent the whole semester. 1
15. He was tardy at school . 1
16. He wept for the loss of his mother and his tardy recognition of her affection. 1
17. He's been tardy three times this semester. 1
18. However, this year solstitial although compared in former years to arrive early one day, severe cold disappears tardy however. 1
19. I was as tardy as ever for the afternoon appointments. 1
20. I've never been tardy, absent, disobedient, slothful or disrespectful. 1
21. I've never been tardy, absent, disobedient,(This website/slothful.html) slothful or disrespectful. 1
22. In retrospect the studio appears unforgivably tardy. 1
23. Infant wrapping grows often be physiology sex too, arrived after adolescence glans still cannot show ability to call packet of bine or wrapping to grow too tardy. 1
24. It's an excrescence, a monstrosity, some tardy addition to the agenda. 1
25. It's impolite to make a tardy appearance. 1
26. KeKe Tardy's basket with 4: 59 to gave the Lady Tigers a 26-15 advantage. 0
27. Let me apologize for my being tardy in answering your letter. 1
28. Most men occasionally have poor or tardy erections and even fit, athletic, overenthusiastic men, as well as the inexperienced and anxious, may suffer premature ejaculation. 1
29. My message is only a tardy un- homing sail that bear up for you. 1
30. Or if the tardy wife would just serve dinner on time, her husband would cease bloodying her nose. 1

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