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1. "You can't control radiation. It's already there, but you can take preventive action (by not consuming any radioactive food that is tainted with iodine-131 for 80 days), " Deb said. 1
2. A tainted substance, especially food or drink, is not safe because it is spoiled or contains a harmful substance or poison. 1
3. Above all, the report will say that the government must now address the financial hardship of those with haemophilia and their families who have suffered as a result of tainted blood from the NHS. 1
4. According to the then-prevailing legal opinion, a copyright notice would have tainted its trade secret protections. 1
5. Allegations of fraud had tainted recent municipal elections. 1
6. And I had always felt clumsy because the giving of cash in my own culture is tainted. 1
7. Another theory for her longevity: that the person who donated the tainted blood may have been relatively healthy, Wara said. 1
8. Another theory for her longevity: that the person who donated the tainted blood may have been relatively healthy, Wara said.This website 1
9. As a result, consumers no longer see used vehicles as somehow tainted and risky. 1
10. Asas 1842, a temperance crusader named Robert Hartley warned that city milk was catastrophically tainted. 1
11. At another level it mentions the failed government Green Dam content filters, the corruption and tainted food scandals as examples of the many injustices that the common people endur. 1
12. Baker argues that his trial was tainted by negative publicity. 1
13. But the victories were tainted by accusations of atrocities against civilians. 1
14. Chickens, eggs, and catfish were contaminated with dioxins when a tainted ingredient (bentonite clay, sometimes called "ball clay") was used in the manufacture of animal feed. 1
15. China's central government has taken dramatic steps to mollify public anger in the latest tainted - food scandal. 1
16. China's health ministry says tainted milk powder causes infants kidney stone. 1
17. China's state-run media say the Cabinet has established a food safety commission in response to a series of embarrassing scandals involving tainted food products. 1
18. Corked : Distinctive taste or smell in wine resulting from a moldy or tainted cork. 1
19. Corrie: Well, this oil is rancid , this butter looks tainted, the vegetables are wilted , and even your canned goods are rusted . 1
20. Early Christians thought marriage was inescapably tainted by the presence of sex. 1
21. Even this might have been bearable if the King had not been tainted with the vices of meanness and frugality. 1
22. Felhunter: Paranoia and tainted Blood have been replaced with Fel Intelligence and Shadow Bite.This website 1
23. For I too had been tainted, and not without blemish. 1
24. Hatoyama said his management body's alleged false reporting of his political fund has also tainted the image of DPJ, another factor in his decision to resign. 1
25. He came out only slightly tainted by telling millions of viewers he and his wife had had marital problems. 1
26. He says drug corruption is now so prevalent that it has tainted the assembly, the courts, and press and television. 1
27. He was considered tainted by association with the corrupt regime. 1
28. Heaven forbid that this child should ever be tainted by the grossness of the world! 1
29. Her new life in London had become tainted with the deaths of adoring males. 1
30. His mind was tainted with evil thoughts. 1

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