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# Sentence Times
1. " Haven't you found anything out yet , tailing them all this time? " 1
2. A flotation column is expensive in the market nowadays, and a bubble generator is easily blocked in practical production and is not applicable to the reelection of tailing products. 1
3. A lot of good properties caused the chrysotile asbestos to be used widely, even the tailing , mining residue and serpentinite are already being used comprehensively. 1
4. A promising process, oil agglomeration flotation(OAF), has been developed for the recycling of ultrafine molybdenite resources from a molybdenum mine tailings in Zhejiang. 1
5. A series of laboratory cementing experiments on the total tailings from a gold mine in Shandong Province were conducted by use of ordinary cement and polyhydrate material as binding materials. 1
6. After long-range research on rutile, satisfying index was obtained by unite technologic process—discarding tailing via gravity concentration and the flotation of rough concentrate. 1
7. Be responsible for the total management, maintenance, stacking and work safety of the tailing dam. 1
8. Burnability of raw meal with selected formula was improved by using copper and zinc tailing and tin slag as raw materials. 1
9. Concretes of C30 and C60 were prepared with iron mine tailings as fine aggregate and coarse aggregate and with natural sand and common crushed stone separately. 1
10. Corn gluten feed is the tailings of cornstarch factory, which contains about 30% of protein (dry basis). 1
11. Dust from the tailings pond began to blow over the countryside again in 1985, starting on 10 February, a Sunday. 1
12. Dynamics of clinker formation with raw mix proportioning of four kinds of tailings are revealed by mechanism of burning high strength cement under low heat consumption. 1
13. Environment risk analysis of dam debacle in tailing pond in rainstorm for construction of phosphorite beneficiation plant with the craft of reelection-flotation was studied. 1
14. Equipped for fast and comfortable cruising, her deck equipment includes 22 self tailing winches with electric push button primaries. 1
15. Experiments show that Fe 2 O 3 of low silicon iron tailings can't effectively crystallize the whole glass. 1
16. Feasibility study of planting peony in copper - ore - tailings reservoir has been conducted. 1
17. Gold mine tailing is one of an important pollution sources. 1
18. He claims police have been tailing him for several months. 1
19. He has been tailing me. 1
20. He said it would also be operated with shorter trains, reflecting a tailing off in the capital's explosive population growth. 1
21. If tailing is observed , repeat the injector installation process. 1
22. In order to solve the problem about lack of tailings for back-filling in Xinhui Gold Mine, the technology on mining of tailings in open pit for underground stope back-filling is investigated. 2
23. In this paper, it was studied the technology of forsterite(M_2S) insulating refractory with high-silicon iron ore tailings from Anshan and flotation magnesium ore tailings. 2
24. In this paper, taking some mine as an example, the pump backfilling mining method with high density unsized tailings, as well as its investigation in technical feasibility are introduced. 1
25. In this paper, the research process of the fire - proof calcium silicate board trial - produced with theindus trial tailings - felspar powder is reported. 1
26. It is found that there is a close relationship of the acid producing capacity and heavy metals release of tailings with the ore composition and floatation technology. 1
27. It used for slope monitoring, such as the open pit slope, the dump, the tailing dam, and so on, and also achieve the point and surface deformation monitory of slope. 1
28. July 2004 report describes how she drove one day into the cul-de-sac where she lived and sped around to confront and photograph cars she believed were tailing her. 1
29. Left fielder Mark Whiten reached out and poked a tailing fastball over the left-field wall in the second. 1
30. Long-distance transport of metal, chemical, mine tailings and processing of metallurgical coke industry powder, slag, pulp and smelting slag, material -1 tube can mainly resolve wear and corrosion. 1




tailings (plural noun)

  - the part of a beam or projecting brick or stone embedded in a wall.



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