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# Sentence Times
1. A bail-out for Greece, once taboo, is now being debated—and German ministers have even come out in favour of a putative European Monetary Fund (see article). 1
2. A number of detainees have accused female interrogators of violating Muslim sexual taboos by touching them provocatively. 1
3. A still photographer and a video cameraman followed him in there, which is taboo and off-limits and strictly verboten. 1
4. A taboo against sex before marriage. 1
5. According to the strict rules of Hindu iconography, Ganesha figures with only two hands are taboo. 1
6. Alcohol is taboo in this tribe. 1
7. Among the many discoveries of Capt. James Cook was a linguistic one , the term taboo. 1
8. Any mention of politics is taboo in his house. 1
9. Any talk of the divorce is strictly taboo. 1
10. As unemployment rose in 1992, redundancy ceased to be a taboo subject. 1
11. Ases man should taboo bad hobby, Cultivates good sociality ability. 1
12. At other times, converse sets of taboos could be quite useful. 1
13. But confusion and anger and fear are taboo. 1
14. But discover it is a kind of carcinogenic substance before long, accordingly by taboo. 1
15. But sales are now rising by about 50 percent a year as the idea loses its social taboo. 1
16. But she sought not so much to break a taboo as to assert her independence from the male yoke. 1
17. By junior high, my classmates were wearing lipstick and a little makeup, but for me that was taboo. 1
18. By talking about this taboo subject in prayers, sermons and Sunday-school lessons. 1
19. By this time - the early seventies - homosexuality was no longer a taboo subject. 1
20. Calls for a multiparty democracy remain taboo, but not much else. 1
21. Cancer is a taboo subject and people are frightened or embarrassed to talk openly about it. 1
22. Contingency planning, once taboo, is taking shape. 1
23. Data on breaches of the taboo in small-scale communities are sparse and largely considered as cases of individual deviance. 1
24. Death is one of the great taboos in our culture. 1
25. Death is still a taboo subject for many people. 1
26. Despite enormous strides made in the past decade for LGBT rights, male bisexuality remains a challenging idea and a unique taboo, even within sexually progressive circles. 1
27. England's taboo and custom Three taboos Cannot the gasser English have the custom which lines up. 2
28. Even the most taboo subjects were up for discussion. 1
29. Excess body hair is taboo, especially in females. 1
30. Expressing such views requires courage because it would appear to be taboo to talk about protecting fee income. 1

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