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1. "Hunger attacketh me, " said Zarathustra, "like a robber. Among forests and swamps my hunger attacketh me, and late in the night. 1
2. A luminosity that appears over swamps or marshes at night; ignis fatuus. 1
3. A railroad line was completed after six years of hard labour in the swamps andjungles. 1
4. A town is saved, not more by the righteous men in it than by the woods and swamps that surround it. Henry David Thoreau  1
5. A waterworld of mangrove swamps and grassy wetlands, the Florida Everglades is home to rare plant and animal species including manatees, hawksbill turtles and American crocodiles. 1
6. American alligators reside nearly exclusively in the freshwater rivers, lakes, swamps, and marshes of the southeastern United States, primarily Florida and Louisiana. 1
7. Anacondas live in swamps, marshes, and slow-moving streams, mainly in the tropical rain forests of the Amazon and Orinoco basins. 1
8. And all of them trained in the same swamps crisscrossed by cocaine cowboys. 1
9. But Mahayana Buddhism takes this symbolism a step further: "This flower doesn't grow in the highlands, but rather it blooms in the vile swamps." 1
10. Coastal and estuarine swamps in warm climates are dominated by MANGROVES. 1
11. During an economic pullback with more people job hunting, a resume monsoon swamps recruiting offices. 1
12. During the dry season, many of the swamps turn to hard-baked mud. 1
13. Early Salvationists had waded through snake-infested swamps, stripped to the waist, and established huts thatched with palm fronds. 1
14. Epidemicity yellow fever assaults , Houston early phase develops slowly since being located in many muddy swamps and being suffering, be to transport the cotton harbour only. 1
15. Heavy traffic swamps company's site, requiring more servers, no ETA on posting time. 1
16. Herds of giraffe and waterbuck raced across the swamps in our shadow as we swooped on to the sandy airstrip. 1
17. Here it had a devastating effect on seagrass beds and mangrove swamps. 1
18. I had a vision thus prospectively of these birds as I stood in the swamps. 1
19. I hunted buffalo in the swamps at Bilen; it was exciting following them through the dense reed beds. 1
20. Ikopi are fleet-footed ungulates native to the swamps and forests of Naboo. The sturdy - legged animals have golden coats of short fur, and grow a crown of twisting antlers. 1
21. In mechanical communities, or ecosystems , some machines are more likely to associate with certain other machines, just as red-winged blackbirds favor nesting in cattail swamps. 1
22. In nature Marsilea is found in ponds, ditches, swamps, rice paddies, and other areas with standing water. 1
23. In the Mesolithic, for the climate was cool and dry, the Taihu plain was covered with forests and grasslands with scarce lakes and swamps. 1
24. In the summer months, migratory birds fly along the coast to frequent the mangrove swamps. 1
25. Into the stagnant swamps fall dead limbs, trunks, leaves and spores, soon to be water-logged and to sink . 1
26. It never dawned on these folks that the yellow fever was carried by mosquitoes living in cesspools of undrained swamps made ever worse by poor sanitation. 1
27. Its mangrove swamps are rapidly being wiped out by pollution from the satellite towns that are springing up along the shore. 1
28. Jagged fronds of tropical ferns once growing in muddy swamps are pressed between jet-black layers of coal . 1
29. Malaria is particularly common near swamps where mosquitoes can breed. 1
30. Methane comes from animal waste, swamps, rice paddy - fields, and oil and gas rigs. 1

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