Suspend Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. " Einstein, "according to study molecular motion of suspended particles in the liquid static movement" in the text, to explain Atomism " Brownian motion. 1
2. " He proposes that the US Securities and Exchange Commission require that all markets incorporate a "circuit-breaker" which would suspend trading on signs of an algorithm-driven crash. 1
3. A banner suspended from a crosspiece, especially as a standard in an ecclesiastical procession or as the ensign of a medieval Italian republic. 1
4. A cable car , especially one suspended from an overhead cable . 1
5. A cloud of smoke was suspended in the air. 1
6. A code of practice had been drawn up whereby offenders would be suspended. 1
7. A concrete ceiling suspended from the roof provides acoustical insulation. 1
8. A device usually consisting of two upright posts supporting a crossbeam from which a noose is suspended and used for execution by hanging; a gallows tree. 1
9. A dynamic model that is based on an existing natural ventilation for predicting indoor RSP ( respirable suspended particulates) concentrations was developed. 1
10. A flocculent mass formed in a fluid through precipitation or aggregation of suspended particles. 1
11. A gallery had been suspended around the wall at the height of two standing men - the only concession to spectators. 1
12. A gate is composed of two color-striped poles that are suspended from an aerial wire that spans the race waterway. 1
13. A judge has suspended a ban on the magazine pending a full inquiry. 1
14. A kindergarten student with a freshly spiked Mohawk has been suspended from school. 1
15. A lamp was suspended from the ceiling above us. 1
16. A lamp was suspended from the ceiling. 1
17. A large light was suspended from the ceiling. 1
18. A little way along there was a young man standing between two stalls with a tray suspended by a strap around his neck. 1
19. A local armistice suspends operations between certain portions of the belligerent forces or within a designated district of the theater of operations. 1
20. A mosquito net was providentially suspended above the bed; the creek was certain to be thick with insects when night fell. 1
21. A new form of energy dissipater named suspended grid plunge pool is posed through the hydraulic model experiment of diversion tunnel in Jilintai first-or. 1
22. A new power to suspend sentences of imprisonment was added by Jenkins, at the instigation of the judiciary. 1
23. A new type of automatic apocatharsis valve on settling centrifuge device was designed, so that the separation and automatic apocatharsis of the liquid and suspended substance were done continuously. 1
24. A painting of Ingres was suspended on the wall. 1
25. A person who was at the meeting says Wyatt wore suspenders, smoked a cigar, and propped up his cowboy boots on his desk—a cartoonish vision of a D.C. power broker. 1
26. A sign in front of the eatery displays a picture of President Obama wearing a Colonel Sanders-style bowtie and suspenders and a tag line that reads, “We so cool, aren't we? 1
27. A sol that consists of solid particles suspended in a liquid a colloidal suspension. 1
28. A sol that consists of solid particles suspended in a liquid is a colloidal suspension. 1
29. A solid bubble - damage neutron detector has been developed based on freon liquid drop - lete suspended in polylamide. 1
30. A suspended trot with joint flexion when viewed from the side. 1

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