Surmise Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A very painful surmise arose concerning her character. 1
2. A wild surmise filled Robertson. 1
3. And the first victims were not black, as you might surmise, but white men. 1
4. Archeologists still can only surmise as to the origin of Man. 1
5. At this point, Blue can only surmise what the case is not. 1
6. Berel Jestrow numbly surmises that the trek may soon be ending. 1
7. But his surmise was not without foundation. 1
8. Charles was glad to have his surmise confirmed. 1
9. Dr. Mallon surmises that it's worried about accuracy. 1
10. Emma privately surmises that Dixon sent it, Mrs Weston that it is a gift from Knightley. 1
11. Even without opening any of the links, it's easy to surmise that a widget is currently used to describe some kind of techy add-on feature for Web sites. 1
12. Even without opening any of the links, it's easy to surmise that a widget is currently used to describe some kind of techy add-on feature for Web sites.Sentencedict 1
13. Every surmise about him, and every practical question, was referred to me. 1
14. Foresters surmise that the abnormally wet and windy winter probably hastened the toppling of the trees. 1
15. Frequently frustrated by rapids and sandbars, they soon surmised that the river had no commercial potential. 1
16. From his letter I surmised that he was unhappy. 1
17. Harriet had not surmised her own danger, but the idea of It'struck her forcibly. 1
18. He had given them no time for questions, no opportunity to develop theories or surmise any hidden meaning behind his words. 1
19. He surmised that every bird possesses a form of template upon which it tries different notes until it finds the correct ones. 1
20. He surmised that the suggestion wouldn't find favour. 1
21. He was afraid she might surmise the truth. 1
22. He was glad to have his surmise confirmed. 1
23. His surmise proved correct. 1
24. I could only surmise that she and Lila had met before. 1
25. I surmise that he will take the job. 1
26. If each ploidal level (cytotype) is viewed as a cryptic biological species, then the contribution of polyploidy to biological species diversity is even higher than previously surmised . 1
27. It is mere surmise that Bosch had Brant's poem in mind when doing this painting. 1
28. It turned out that my surmise was correct. 1
29. Jaq now surmised that Googol was reciting his own verses under his breath, polishing old ones, composing new ones. 1
30. MacArthur surmised that competition equations should be considered as first elements of a Taylor series. 1




surmises (third person present) · surmised (past tense) · surmised (past participle) · surmising (present participle)

  - suppose that something is true without having evidence to confirm it.


surmises (plural noun)

  - a supposition that something may be true, even though there is no evidence to confirm it.


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