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# Sentence Times
1. Also she's supernumerary to the raid on the Xerxian attack ship. 1
2. Among them , supernumerary teeth and root dilacerations are two common local factors. 1
3. Clinical and histopathologic findings were consistent with the diagnosis of supernumerary breast tissue, also known as pseudomamma. 1
4. Conclusion: Intravenous anesthesia is good for extraction of embedded supernumerary teeth in children. 1
5. Here, we report the identification of the supernumerary BRACT (SNB) gene controlling the transition from spikelet meristem to floral meristem and the floral organ development. 1
6. Methods Slices from 32 supernumerary teeth were observed under light microscope and compared with normal teeth. 1
7. Methods The form, innervation and arterial supply of the supernumerary of the biceps brachii of 52 adult bodies (104 bodies) were. 1
8. Methods X-ray dental film and panoramic pantomogram were used to determine the location of embedded supernumerary teeth on bases of the geometrical principle of X-ray photography. 1
9. No more than a dozen cases of supernumerary nostril are reported in the literature. They have an accessory alae nasi or have double nose. 1
10. Objective : To summarize the key points in extraction of supernumerary teeth in children under intravenous anesthesia. 1
11. Objective To investigate the surgical approaches of the embedded supernumerary teeth in maxilla. 1
12. Primarily, in the sample session, the results indicate that supernumerary exists in the research activities and the expenditures are less than the decorous level. 1
13. Removing supernumerary weight, additive weighing, alarm to trouble , counting function is it's primary functions. 1
14. Results In the slices examined more interglobular dentin and less calcified globules were observed in the supernumerary than in the normal teeth. The pulp structures were basically the same. 1
15. Results: 62 ambushed supernumerary teeth were all extracted successfully under intravenous anesthesia. 1
16. Roots are different in the width of supernumerary cambium and phelloderm and the cell. 1
17. The growth of hypogeal stem contain tri-growth, and the anomalous secondary growth is the result of supernumerary cambium that derived from the outmost elements of secondary phloem. 1
18. The growth of hypogeal stem contain tri-growth,(This website/supernumerary.html) and the anomalous secondary growth is the result of supernumerary cambium that derived from the outmost elements of secondary phloem. 1
19. The secondary xylem of root is well developed, and there is supernumerary cambium around the vessels. 1
20. The supernumerary milkers of the lush green season had been dismissed. 1
21. The writing was on the wall early in the tour when Ian Salisbury was promoted from supernumerary net bowler to fully-fledged tourist. 1
22. This article presents a clinical case with two tuberculate type supernumerary teeth who is under long term follow up until succeeding permanent central incisors eruption. 1
23. When the placeman dies, the supernumerary steps into his shoes. 1




supernumeraries (plural noun)

  - present in excess of the normal or requisite number.


  - a supernumerary person or thing.


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