Stubble Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use stubble, so you can learn how to use stubble in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word stubble here, and see the words sound like or similar to stubble

# Sentence Times
1. A conical party hat was now perched on top of the grey stubble, with the elastic stretched under my chin. 1
2. A dark stubble was shrouding his strong jaw and dimpled chin. 1
3. A faint stubble roughened his chin and just beneath his jawline was a small crescent-shaped scar. 1
4. Adjust the stubble adjusting plate alongside the cutter according to the requirement of harvesting plant to the perfect stubble height. 2
5. At this time, he may find stubble to lose his temper or show a ill-favored color. 1
6. But they found that a tremendous amount of grain was lost by being shed on to the stubble. 1
7. Grey stubble covered his cheeks and chin. 1
8. Hastily she breathed in and clamped her arms to her sides to hide the stubble. 1
9. Hay is of less value than wood . stubble is useless and worthless. 1
10. He had a few days growth of stubble but something about him was fundamentally clean cut. 1
11. He had a trendy haircut, an earring and designer stubble . 1
12. He had two days' growth of stubble on his jaw. 1
13. He has receding brown hair, his customary designer stubble and azure - blue eyes. 1
14. He is going to clear away wheat stubble in the field. 1
15. He raised his hand to wipe away the trickle of sweat that ran over the soft stubble on his cheek. 1
16. He rubbed the gray stubble on his chin. 1
17. He tramped steadily on through the wheat stubble, walking fast, his head in a whirl. 1
18. He was clean-shaven yet, even so early in the day, with a blue-black stubble. 1
19. He was imagining them as they scurried to and fro like rats, like rabbits, when farmers burnt the stubble off their fields. 1
20. His blond stubble was silky and made his mouth as exciting as an adolescent boy's. 1
21. His chin bore a thick growth of stubble. 1
22. His dark curly hair seemed tangled, the stubble on his cheeks and chin turning into real beard growth. 1
23. His face was covered with the stubble of several nights. 1
24. His mind was sharper than you'd think, looking at his sagging, stubbled face, and I grinned, though I was becoming more and more reluctant to indulge him. 1
25. I could hardly go to the home of this aristocratic young woman with stubble on my face. 1
26. I could hear his hand moving over the stubble of his beard. fourteen White Sands was astonishing. 1
27. In bottomland, the erosion of stubble land of naked oats is 9.1% less than CK(plough land), while the erosion of stubble land of corn and no-tillage of vegetable is 123.71% and 229.07% more than CK. 2
28. In the distance, a wisp of smoke rose from burning stubble. 1
29. It was rattan, dozens of broken ends of it, dangling down like stubble. 1
30. Kirilenko had light blue eyes, silvery stubble, the beginning of a sag to his lower jaw. 1




  - the cut stalks of grain plants left sticking out of the ground after the grain is harvested.


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