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# Sentence Times
1. "He's a 26-year-old man and he shouldn't really have a strop at a 14-year-old if that's what he's really done, " he said. 1
2. After an initial strop , I started writing anyway, realising that respect was something that had to be earned. 1
3. And you can hear them together, Yeats moving from one to another with, oh, incredible speed and agility in that final strophe of the poem, on the next page. 1
4. And you'll have to watch the seagulls -- not to mention stroppy shopkeepers! 1
5. any of various shrubs or small trees of the genus Strophanthus having whorled leaves and showy flowers of various colors in dense and few-flowered corymbose clusters; some have poisonous seeds. 0
6. Based on the standard curve of the catenary, the strop ropeway is designed and calculated. 1
7. Don't get in a strop —I'm only a few minutes late. 1
8. Don't get stroppy with me it's not my fault! 1
9. Don't get stroppy with me—it isn't my fault! 1
10. Don't go in unless you have to - she's in a strop. 1
11. Foul weather recovery strops shall be provided for safety if heavy fall blocks constitute a danger. 1
12. He has stropped three turning tools as I went into the workshop. 1
13. He uses rhymed quatrains in equivalence to the strophic pattern evident in Horace's poem. 1
14. I rolled up my shirtsleeves and picked up the razor strop. 1
15. I try not to get stroppy, but sometimes I just can't help it. 1
16. If she did, she got whaled with a razor strop and told that a homeless girl should be more grateful to folks who had put a roof above her head. 1
17. It is my father's old razor strop that I use for shaving and when one my boys needs to be spanked. 1
18. It suggests that the killing effect of Strophanthus divaricatus on oncomelania may be related to the energy metabolism pathways of parasites. 0
19. It's no use getting stroppy - I said no and I meant it! 1
20. Mary got stroppy about it and said it was wrong what they were doing, it was a desecration. 1
21. Notice how very casual Yeats is in that second strophe, how self-consciously fantastic and speculative he is. 1
22. She's a nice person but she just gets in a strop so easily. 1
23. Sliding speed is key to the design of strop ropeway. 1
24. Teachers report themselves becoming punitive and stroppy with pupils, colleagues and their own families. 1
25. The gas people haven't called to repair the cooker so I shall have to get stroppy with them. 1
26. The people who in love always have a strop . 1
27. The products manufactured by Zhejinag Juma Ropeway Engineering Co. , Ltd cover passenger ropeway, freight ropeway, slide, strop, ground rail cable and cable bridges etc. 1
28. The two schools shared some equipment and services, including the razor strop used to discipline students. 1
29. The verse form of Shelley's "Ode to the West Wind" has five strophes, and each strophe is exactly the same in form. 1
30. They fight, and fall, in strophes appropriate for recital in a warriors' banquet hall. 1







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