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1. A satisfactory alternative or addition to biliary brush cytology is direct biopsy of the stricture using small forceps under fluoroscopic control. 1
2. A straight 10 F endoprosthesis was used in the five patients with a bile duct stricture distal to the stones. 1
3. A wide variety of safe and effective methods is now available for obtaining a cytological diagnosis in patients with biliary strictures. 1
4. After rectal stent was slenderized in ice water, it was inserted into the strictured rectum by hand or sigmoidoscope. 1
5. After wound healing the mucous membrane was pink in color with good elasticity and no scleroma. No anal stricture happened. 1
6. AIM: To summarize the causes of bile duct stricture in porta hepatis and probe into the diagnostic values of imaging techniques. 1
7. All carotid stricture or obliteration occurred at the initial part. 1
8. Although these strictures are more difficult to dilate than other benign strictures, in experienced hands most patients can be treated successfully. 2
9. Although US detected hydronephrosis and hydroureter in all 12 cases tumors, only 2 patients were positively diagnosed with ureteral tumor and 4 cases were indicated ureteral stricture. 1
10. Cholangiography accurately locates the site of a stricture in the biliary tree and radiological features may suggest the presence of malignant disease. 1
11. Chronic and toxic can have ball backsight neuritis, inspect dish of oedema, retinal hemal convulsion, haemorrhage, oozy, eye shot is short of caustic and centrality stricture. 1
12. Conclusion (1) MRCP is the best technique in the diagnosis of hepatolithiasis accompanied with bile stricture near porta hepatis. 1
13. Conclusion After biliary exploration application of combined choledochoscope and duodenoscopy is a safe, effective and minimally-invasive approach for treating benign terminal bile duct stricture. 1
14. Conclusion Anastomotic stricture and obstruction of ansa intestinalis are the major causes of the reoperation. 1
15. Conclusion External orifice stricture is a common complication following TUPKRP which can be prevented by adopting effective measures before operation. 1
16. Conclusion In cases of intrahepatic cholelith complicated by bile duct stricture surgery combined with hepatic segmentectomy should be the therapy of choice. 1
17. Conclusion Proper preoperative preparation, operation and postoperative care can effectively prevent the external orifice stricture. 1
18. Conclusion The application of gastroscope assistant bougienage in children's esophageal stricture treatment is safety and effectiveness. 1
19. Conclusion The procedure significantly improves the long-term curative effects on hepatolith with stricture. 1
20. Conclusion: Lingual region stricture occurs in about 24% of patients with OSAHS, which may be caused by the incrassation of the retropharyngeal and lateral pharyngeal wall and fleshy tongue. 1
21. CONCLUSION: The malignant disease is the main cause of bile duct stricture in porta hepatis. Meanwhile, imaging techniques can help to make accurate diagnosis of this disease. 1
22. Conclusion:Transurethral thulium laser incision and fiber cicatricial tissue removed is a safe and effective therapy for urethral stricture or atresia. 1
23. Conclusions Robot-assisted transperitoneal laparoscopic pyeloplasty is a more effective, more precise and minimally invasive surgical management for UPJ stricture. 1
24. Conclusions The key to prevent recurrent angiocholitis and reduce the reoperation rate is to relieve biliary tract stricture, remove the focus of infection and provide unobstructed bile duct drainage. 1
25. Conclusions: Anastomotic stricture 、 stones and obstruction are the major causes of reoperation. 1
26. Conclusions: Transluminal balloon dilatation is a safe and effective method for treating postoperative strictures the ureter. 1
27. Conclusions: Urethroplasty is an effective procedure for treatment of children's urethral stricture. 1
28. Conlusion Vaginoplasty using sigmoid colon graft for congenital absence of vagina is effective, and dilation within 2 months postoperatively is recommendable to prevent stricture. 1
29. Crohn's colitis does not differ very much from ulcerative colitis in this regard, the reported frequency of stricture being 8%. 1
30. Does cholangiography establish the nature of a biliary stricture? 1

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