Strew Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. 29The bodies of Japanese soldiers lie strewn across a hillside after being shot by U.S. soldiers as they attempted a banzai charge over a ridge in Guam, in 1944. 1
2. A dozen cartons of books had been overturned and strewn about the floor. 1
3. A good mine site will be not only densely strewn with nodules, but also benign. 1
4. A litter of notes, papers, and textbooks were strewn on the desk. 1
5. After the horseplay by the wicked students, the classroom floor was strewn with crumbled chalk dust. 1
6. All the papers were haphazardly strewn on desks. 1
7. All the signs of this malaise are here, strewn about like empty Guinness cans on a Sunday morning. 1
8. An elderly woman was strewing the floor with French chalk so that the dancing shoes would not slip. 1
9. And there are flowers in their hair and loose yellow flowers strewn about under their bare feet on the ground. 1
10. Anyhow, of furniture decorate should size look line, on any account is conterminous , strewn at random have send. 1
11. Around another corner is a vacant lot, strewn with old brick and some of the beautiful crenelated tiles that make up the roofs of hutong houses. 1
12. At the end of last week 116 had returned for classes on plastic sheets strewn with leaves. 1
13. Baggage and bodies were strewn across the roadside. 1
14. Body bags lay off to one side of the big intersection, while the corridors leading off were strewn with wreckage. 1
15. Building a Nest in the Sand: A stretch of sand strewn with litter and miscellaneous objects is the plover 's preferred nesting place. 1
16. But he strew the water with peacock feathers and the camels crossed over them like a bridge. 1
17. But however great their desire, the path to arms control and detente was strewn with unanticipated obstacles. 1
18. By the end, bodies were strewn all round the headquarters building. 1
19. Can our dim intelligence read the secrets of that star - strewn sky? 1
20. Carmelita Montiel, a twenty-year-old virgin, had just bathed in orange-blossom water and was strewing rosemary leaves on Pilar Ternera's bed when the shot rang out. 1
21. Champagne bottles were strewn about the floor. 1
22. Clothes were everywhere; hanging out of drawers, strewn across the floor, even spilling from the wastepaper basket. 1
23. Clothes were strewn across the floor. 1
24. Consequently the streets of these poorer areas are strewn with rubbish and in hot weather there is frequently a most unpleasant smell. 1
25. Crises will strew his path to test his mettle. 1
26. Dead trees and other wood, plants and debris carried by the raging water was strewn in many places across the park. 1
27. Depleted uranium shells used by the Allies are strewn around. 1
28. Diamonds and rare jewels were strewn across the floor as if they had been there for millennia. 1
29. Diving below the dusky water's surface I see twenty chairs or so strewn about on the pool floor. 1
30. Does the farmer return strew straw to the field? 1

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