Straggle Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use straggle, so you can learn how to use straggle in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word straggle here, and see the words sound like or similar to straggle

# Sentence Times
1. A few stragglers got lost in the fog. 1
2. A thin wisp of smoke straggled up through the trees. 1
3. A wisp of hair straggled across her ear. 1
4. After three and a half hours, the stragglers were still coming through. 1
5. Ahead of him, the tail-end stragglers of the daily rush hour traffic scurried across Westminster Bridge. 1
6. Ali straggled behind, carrying the shopping. 1
7. And got heavier as they left the small station and straggled down a steep, cinder path. 1
8. Any straggler that fell behind or got lost in the darkness was easy prey for the enemy. 1
9. Anyone understand me gone, just leave me alone to straggle for my vague dream. 1
10. As the stragglers passed he noticed a man sitting on a tree root, nursing a bloodstained foot. 1
11. Bears, we joke, will get any stragglers, so we bunch up more tightly into swaying, giggling file. 1
12. Behind them, the pokey glycine ions straggle along as best they can (they do move, but with lower mobility than the chloride ions). 1
13. Close up . Don't straggle along. 1
14. Domestic vines and orchards, in patches of garden overgrown with poppies and clover, straggle as far up as the fortress. 1
15. Elsewhere in the court a flock of life-sized sheep straggle across a field of AstroTurf. 1
16. Far down the mountain, the peloton and its stragglers have a different rhythm. 1
17. Grey wispy hair straggled down to her shoulders. 1
18. He had a bald spot, under a straggle of brown hair, and a ratty Fu Manchu moustache. 1
19. He whistled and sounded his horn in vain ; the straggler paid no attention to the summons. 1
20. He whistled and sounded his horn in vain. The straggler paid no attention to the summons. 1
21. Her grey hair straggled in wisps about her face. 1
22. His beard straggles because he hasn't shaven for a week. 1
23. His own hair was hidden under a latex cap from which a few grey wisps straggled crazily. 1
24. Hopefully, the recent addition of a young Limousin bull will help us mop up stragglers next spring. 1
25. I knocked out a straggler and I took his place. 1
26. I picked up only a straggler from the albacore that were feeding. 1
27. John had come to the tow path as the stragglers of the crowd were passing. 1
28. Kalchu followed behind, raising his arms and whistling at the stragglers. 1
29. Keep up with the rest of us and don't straggle. 1
30. On the way the kids straggled behind us. 1

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