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Below is a list of some of the sentences that use stop, so you can learn how to use stop in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word stop here, and see the words sound like or similar to stop

# Sentence Times
1. At her command all work stopped. 1
2. “I did this to stop the peace process, ” he explained at a court hearing. “We need to be coldhearted.” 1
3. “It seems like just yesterday I was walking the kids down to the bus stop, ” he says, in that sort of dreamy, declamatory voice he sometimes uses. 1
4. (It's amazing how quickly my one-year-old son stops crying after I kiss the spot where he's bumped his head). 1
5. (Probably controller thermonuclear reaction) Hunger slowly stops being a problem. Piloted spaceship to Venus deploys. 1
6. ' stopped to talk with Huckleberry Finn. ". 1
7. 'Did you stop in Oxford on the way?' 'No, we drove straight through.' 1
8. 'I'm pregnant,' she said. That stopped him short. 1
9. 'I've never loved, I mean I've never stopped loving, my mother. '' Was that a Freudian slip?' 1
10. 'I've never loved, I mean I've never stopped loving,my mother. 1
11. 'If I durst,'said the captain,'I'd stop and pick off another man.' 1
12. 'The introvert may shut out the extravert, perhaps while silently nodding, or stop trying to contribute,' she says. 1
13. " He stopped to listen, and said, "Stay, I think I hear a running stream. 1
14. " I didn't say we'd got to stop activating the masses! 1
15. " It is true what madame says, " observed Jacques Three. " Why stop? 1
16. " Let's stop in and have a rarebit, " he suggested one midnight. 1
17. " My Bonnie sucks her thumb. I can't make her stop it. " 1
18. " Now , stop crying, stop crying, let her cackle! 2
19. "Any attempts to rock the situation with democratic slogans, to destabilise the state and split society will be stopped, " he said. 1
20. "For a reason that everyone is aware of, we are temporarily stopping our wi-fi service, " announced the Beijing-based Kubrick bookstore, according to the China Business News. 1
21. "For us, our business is stopped at the moment," noted Reuter. 1
22. "I doubt seriously if sanctions are going to bring them around on stopping their nuclear program," says Nau. 1
23. "I saw a motorcycle flip over the car in front of us and crash," she explains."We stopped and called an ambulance, but it was amazing to me how many people just drove by. 1
24. "I shall go, leave him." Laura Stebbing stopped, her eyes glistening. 1
25. "If you fall on the asphalt, we stop the game to help you up – sometimes, " says Dursun Abkhadze, Shukhuti's octogenarian blacksmith and a former lelo competitor. 1
26. "Is there something else?" Ryle queried as Helen stopped speaking. 1
27. "Mum thinks I should stop imposing on your hospitality, Leo," said Grace. 1
28. "Never Stopped Dance step which Jumped" Li Yue and the disabled person art group's deaf-mute dancers splendid performance has received audience's prolonged applause. 0
29. "No, indeed, " answered Gruntle. "We need all our clothes for ourselves. Tell her to go home and stop bothering us! " 1
30. "Now on the way back up, just as far as the next few days are concerned, I think that 1,340 could stop the short-term bounce," said Ari Wald, equity strategist at Brown Brothers Harriman in New York. 1

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