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1. ' stonewall is marketed as a 'refreshing Wintergreen blend, ' a 'robust Natural tobacco blend' and a 'fresh brewed Java blend. 1
2. "The IM-speak is so prevalent(4) now, " said Austin, a language arts teacher at stonewall Jackson Middle School in Orlando. 1
3. After 18 days of stonewalling, he at last came out and faced the issue. 1
4. After stonewall this process sharply accelerated, creating a radical new medical situation in the gay world. 1
5. And only a few days ago, stonewall criticised television's coverage of gay people, calling for more positive gay characters on primetime television. 1
6. At the stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village eight cops moved in for another raid on a gay bar. 1
7. But both of them are stonewalling - they refuse to answer any questions at all. 1
8. Did Pepsi stonewall and ignore it as we have seen happen with previous online contests? 1
9. General Lee, with stonewall Jackson nearing the field from the north-west, was ready to take the offensive. 1
10. He did his best this week to stonewall questions and to block even the most modest proposals. 1
11. He stonewalled against the motion. 1
12. His immediate response was to stonewall. 1
13. If the Union force attacked before stonewall Jackson got into position, Lee could not possibly hold it back. 1
14. In the aftermath of the stonewall Riots a vastly different gay society arose on the foundations of the closeted, semisecret past. 1
15. In the aftermath of the stonewall Riots a vastly different gay society arose on the foundations of the closeted,(This website/aftermath.html) semisecret past. 1
16. In the wake of the Clause, the stonewall Trust was set up. 1
17. Indeed, within a few short years of stonewall, thousands of gay and lesbian civil rights organizations had sprung up all across America. 1
18. Iran continues to stonewall about its illicit nuclear activities. The International Atomic Energy Agency isn't falling for it. Nobody should. 1
19. It was violence that made gay activism explode in the United States: The stonewall riots of 1969, when a police raid at a bar in New York spurred gays to fight back. 1
20. Just because your bias or your tendency or your experience tells you to sulk and stonewall, you don't have to react that way. 1
21. Lee defeated the Union forces commanded by Joseph Hooker. stonewall Jackson was mortally wounded in the battle. 1
22. Lee met that night with his top general, stonewall Jackson. 1
23. Let us cross over the river and sit in the hade of the trees. American general Thoman stonewall Jackson. 1
24. North Vietnamese stonewalling doomed Cambodia, however, to prolonged agony. 1
25. One good example is Charles Royster's critically acclaimed The Destructive War: William Tecumseh Sherman, stonewall Jackson, and the Americans, published in 1991. 1
26. Senior South Korean officials are now telling journalists the South may stiffen its policy toward the North even further soon, if North Korea continues to stonewall the investigation. 1
27. She also admires the men who are actually like women: transsexuals and flamboyant drag queens, the heroes of the 1969 stonewall rebellion, which started the gay liberation movement. 1
28. She operated from her father's hotel in Front Royal, Virginia and provided valuable information to Confederate general stonewall Jackson in 1862. 1
29. Since long before stonewall, gay men have engaged in a process of self-invention. 1
30. Tellingly, huge increases in those behaviors were all launched at around the same time, the era of Woodstock and stonewall. 1

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