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# Sentence Times
1. 'Can you stay for dinner?' 'I'd be delighted !' 1
2. 'Do you want a drink?' 'No, thanks, I can't stay.' 1
3. 'How many CDs have you got?' 'Lots!' However, they are not used with measurements of time or distance:I stayed in England many/quite a few/ten weeks. 1
4. 'It's the only thing used, besides the Iraqi dinar, for commercial busine and trade, ' he said. 'As long as it stays pretty stable, we don't mind this. ' 1
5. 'Shall we stay here for the night?' 'No, let's press on.' 1
6. 'she's after discharging our overseer and stayed home to go over the accounts with him. 1
7. 'Well, in that case, I would prefer to stay on the bus,' I answered. 1
8. 'Will you be staying for lunch?' she enquired of Charles. 1
9. 'Will you stay for lunch?' 'No, but thanks all the same.' 1
10. 'You're welcome to stay as long as you like.' Michelle shot him a furious glance. 1
11. " Lin Zhenyu says, whole May, greater part discusses simply what divide time or stay on the function, "But most time is quarrelling. 1
12. " Why don't you stay down town and go to the theatre with me? " 1
13. " You stay there, " one called.'some one will run away with your car. " 1
14. " You will both stay here with mama,'said Mr. Pan raising his voice. 1
15. "A cashmere sweater still thrills me," she admits. "It has wonderful staying power; it looks chic and modern.". 1
16. "Could you not stay with us while you are solving your mystery?" — "Oh, we don't want to wear out our welcome.". 1
17. "Could you not stay with us while you are solving your mystery?" — "Oh,(This website/stay with.html) we don't want to wear out our welcome.". 1
18. "Elderly people will be able to stay in touch with relatives overseas, and order their groceries online rather than having to traipse to the shops, " she said. 1
19. "Especially look for aberrant tracks and follow them, but always stay within shouting distance of this spot, and do not separate, " he said. 1
20. "I don't know what kind of state he will be in after the Braga game because he did stay on longer than we hoped he would have to, " he said. 1
21. "I think he is committed to staying the course in Iraq," added Mr. Nau. 1
22. "I wanted to stay but the world crisis affected my decision, " he said. "I knew I'd only leave Milan to play for Real." 1
23. "I'll stay another week if you'll promise me one thing, " Gussie said. 1
24. "It is going to be harder because the pressure will be higher against us but we have to use it and stay positive and believe we can get a win up there,(This website/win up.html) " Silvestre told Arsenal TV Online. 1
25. "It predicts how long you'll live, whether you'll stay married, your grade point average, " Duckworth noted. 1
26. "Our supporters need to be patient, we will do all that is needed to regain our top-flight status as soon as possible, but we need to stay calm, " added Del Piero. 1
27. "People split up and have these God-awful joint custody arrangements, so youwould think that they stay separated for the kids' sake, but I'm not seeingthat, " she said. 1
28. "Perhaps the most extensively wired (and now wireless) generation in American history," members of Gen X stay "better in touch with their relatives and friends than their parents ever did. 1
29. "Please stay and read to me, mummy," he beseeched. 1
30. "She told you to stay here," Mike broke in. 1

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