Staunchness Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use staunchness, so you can learn how to use staunchness in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word staunchness here, and see the words sound like or similar to staunchness

# Sentence Times
1. A female is a mixture of staunchness and limpness. 1
2. Austen Chamberlain, despite his limitations, was an ally of a staunchness rarely seen in politics. 1
3. She felt that if I were completely remiss in religious conformity it would cast doubt upon the staunchness of her faith. 1
4. The new construction should be characterized by staunchness of political conviction, eagerness of humanity concern and exemplification of moral behavior. 1
5. We lack staunchness, pride and enthusiasm. 1


[ˈstônCHnəs, ˈstänCHnəs]