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# Sentence Times
1. 'I'm very frugal, ' he added. 'That house kind of makes me look the other way ... now that money is so tight I squeeze every penny.' 1
2. "The thermal wave squeezes electrons out of the nanotubes like a tube of toothpaste, " Strano explained. 1
3. A 70 - pound octopus can squeeze through a hole as small as a dollar coin. 1
4. A boa constrictor squeezes its victims to death. 1
5. A cat uses its whiskers to determine if a space is too small to squeeze through. 1
6. A differential equation for calculating squeeze-film air damping in slotted plates is developed by modifying the Reynolds equation. 0
7. A dyed eye's blaze has amazed the squeezed and razed girls. 1
8. A group of people were trying to squeeze through the narrow corridor. 1
9. A kind of new experimental molding machine, air impact experimental molding machine with formed squeeze head pushed by air fluid was designed and manufactured. 1
10. A lovely white hand, spangled and professionally looked after, gripped Lois's arm for an intimate squeeze. 1
11. A lovely white hand, spangled and professionally looked after,(This website/spangle.html) gripped Lois's arm for an intimate squeeze. 1
12. A male toad has to be persuasive to get a female to mate with him - in fact, he has to squeeze the eggs right out of her before he can fertilise them. 1
13. A mature orange tree can squeeze out 250 to 300 oranges. 1
14. A membrane filter press was used for solid-liquid separation in a process to fractionate palm oil. After the filtration, press cake was pressed and squeezed to drive out water and air. 1
15. A meretricious populism and pretentious sectarianism have between them squeezed out everything else. 1
16. A pasty yellow juice instead of a clear one can be squeezed from strobil. 1
17. A public sector pay freeze and a squeeze on benefits are thought to be among the main items in the package. 1
18. A scheme is presented to generate the entangled squeezed coherent states via the nonresonant interaction of a two-level atom with a two-mode cavity field. 1
19. A squeeze of her hand reassured him. 1
20. A squeeze of lemon takes the edge off the sweetness. 1
21. A woman in a Chanel suit squeezes past a busboy and peers into the kitchen. 1
22. A worker stimulates the grub to produce its silk by giving it a little squeeze. 1
23. A: I type a cow - to eat the grass, squeeze out the milk. 1
24. Actually, I could not squeeze any more, even at the assembler level. 1
25. Ad a little finely chopped onion, a few black olives, fruity olive oil and a squeeze of lemon. 1
26. Ad a little finely chopped onion, a few black olives(This website/squeeze.html), fruity olive oil and a squeeze of lemon. 1
27. Add two dollars for freshly squeezed orange juice. 1
28. Advantage seven: widely used, can squeeze peanuts and sesame, rapeseed, sunflower, soybean, benne 20 kinds such as oil crops. 1
29. Affricate sound: It is produced by first blocking the air stream and then by letting the air squeeze out the narrow channel formed by the two articulators. 1
30. After dyeing the cloth through an air squeezer device will squeeze water from cloth. 2

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