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# Sentence Times
1. 'A sport coat is a larger investment than a shirt, ' he notes, adding that it's easier to tone down a bright shirt with a dark jacket than vice versa. 1
2. 'Contact sports' is an umbrella term for a variety of different sports. 2
3. 'If your bank accounts are common, why not your Twitter and Facebook accounts?' asks Clemson Smith Muniz, a Spanish-language sports announcer in New York. 1
4. 's Robinho has been sporting a new-look beard at the tournament and bloggers back home have launched an online campaign urging the baby-faced forward to visit the barber's. 1
5. 'The thing about the Buick HRV is that it has a sporty look, but the engine is gutless , ' Mr. 1
6. " At Belle Watling's sporting house,'said Rhett, looking abashed. 1
7. " Can I have the sports section? " " Yeah, go ahead. I've read it. " 1
8. "curriculum of physical education and health" especially values the cultivation of sports experiences such as student's competitiveness, independency, fairness, and cooperativeness. 1
9. "Daddy, " she called from the sofa, her leotard still damp from dance. She liked the way the purple fabric encased her, the sporty stink. 1
10. "Doing sport without clothes is natural - and much more comfy, " Ms Vicuna argues. 1
11. "Equality starts at home," Wallin, Finland's minister for culture and sports, said in an interview on the sidelines of an annual gathering of the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women. 1
12. "He is the core of China's basketball, " says Ma Jian, who often works as a sports commentator. 1
13. "High tech - Old fashion": The best reception of harmonious colors for high-tech sports clothing is "The blue color system", also mazarine sports clothing is more valuable. 2
14. "I tell my clients it's great thing to try, " said Dr. Karen Langone, a sports fitness podiatrist in Southampton, N.Y. 1
15. "Let's say we are going to bet on the next Test Match against the West Indies ..." I'm sorry: could he pick a different sport?I don't understand cricket. 1
16. "Polemics is not good for F1 and particularly for the public because F1 is a fantastic sport that has to be relaunched, not only protected, " he said. 1
17. "Tennis elbow"is a common diseased in tennis sports . 1
18. "That's not even a suit, " Bush retorted, eyeing Axelrod's sport coat and slacks . 1
19. "The design idea is from ping-pong. An erected ping-pong racket has a perfect architectural shape for a hotel, " said Jin Chang, director with Huainan Municipal Bureau of Sports. 0
20. "With the front wing an adjustable mechanism is acceptable, because if it breaks then the driver simply gets understeer , " the Swiss told Germany's Auto Motor und sport. 1
21. A : No ! There's no ball for the sport. 1
22. A back injury prevented active participation in any sports for a while. 1
23. A ban on cigarette advertising on billboards, on public transportation, and at sports venues. 1
24. A ban on tobacco industry name-brand sponsorship of sporting events would take effect a year later. 1
25. A beautiful metallic green sports car was parked at the kerb. 1
26. A big reason is that many sportscasters are ex-athletes and few of the rest follow racing. 1
27. A body of soldiers in sports kit marched past at a slow, rhythmic pace, singing loudly. 1
28. A breeze whipping through Mission Bay, sure, but also a breeze in the sporting sense. 1
29. A central reason cited for the cutback was the abject failure of highly touted sports movies. 1
30. A chubby little man in a short-sleeved sport shirt and baggy gray twill pants came out the door. 1

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