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# Sentence Times
1. A mysterious color, purple is associated with both nobility and spirituality. 1
2. A real growth in your spirituality. 1
3. A religion worshipping the Goddess's body does not need such a split between spirituality and sexuality. 1
4. A retired person will focus on health and spirituality more than anything else. 1
5. A strong thread of spirituality runs through L'Engle's books. 1
6. After an eight-day silent retreat at the Jesuit spirituality center in Wernersville, she came home knowing she wanted to study theology. 1
7. Among many recent attempts to measure spirituality in relation to health, heart surgery patients help make a point. 1
8. Among other things, they remind you that abstraction had its roots in spirituality. 1
9. Among other things,(sentencedict .com) they remind you that abstraction had its roots in spirituality. 1
10. Antique thoughts are interwoven below gray eaves, crimson Chinese tallow trees exude a quiet tenderness, and refreshing spirituality flows in lush bamboo groves. 1
11. Anyone interested in creativity, spirituality, psychic phenomena, the universal, and so on will find in Jung a kindred spirit. 1
12. As the 1960s ended and the wave of neo-oriental spirituality began to decline, the seekers began to look elsewhere. 1
13. Avoid making criticism based on personal moral grounds, spirituality, or jingoism . 1
14. Blue Nails imparts her worldly wisdom, trying to impress Felt Hat with her depth and spirituality. 1
15. Brought up by peasants, "she has no opportunity to inherit the tradition of free-thinking, spirituality and creativity that her father embodied." How will she turn out? 1
16. Brown believes the Greys are attempting to speed human evolution and enhance our spirituality by creating humans with some Grey genes. 1
17. Buber also offered an evolutionary aspect of the divine he referred to as "dialogical spirituality." 1
18. But China's modern face hides a heritage of conflict and Confucian style spirituality, the perfect breeding ground for martial arts. 1
19. But it also emphasizes de-escalation of violence and a positive spirituality. 1
20. But this type of spirituality has nothing to do with mysticism. 1
21. Can you say a few words about spirituality in your poems? 1
22. Chinese corporate culture emphasizes man - centered and spirituality, while occidental corporate culture highlights scientific institutional management. 1
23. Do you often find different ways of expressing your own spirituality? 1
24. Evangelical businessmen form networks such as the Business Leadership and spirituality Network. 1
25. For those interested in spirituality, the Bhagavad Gita has a reputation as one of the most profound spiritual texts ever written. 1
26. From the same lands came the quest for the Grail that revivified the spirituality of the twelfth century. 1
27. He also writes of how his illness changed him, how this worldly man gained a spirituality without losing his edge. 1
28. He also writes of how his illness changed him, how this worldly man gained a spirituality without losing his edge. This website 1
29. He was uniquely equipped not only to recover Iranian Sufism for the West, but also to defend the principal Western traditions of esoteric spirituality. 1
30. History scholars assessed his research on Qing Dynasty spirituality. 1





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