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31. As it happens to thee in the amphitheatre and such places, that the continual sight of the same things and the uniformity make the spectacle wearisome, so it is in the whole of life; for all things above, below, are the same and from the same. 1
32. As the emerged from her drifting cloud of gun smoke with the water churned to foam beneath her bow, her flags colour, she presented a more majestic spectacle than Stockholmers had ever seen before. 1
33. Ask your partner to remove spectacles, earrings, necklaces or anything that may impede the massage. 1
34. At that moment, I'm awe-struck by the power of the season changing from winter to spring, and I realize the spectacle would not be as beautiful without the dark gray cloud on the horizon. 1
35. At that moment, I'm awe-struck by the power of the season changing from winter to spring,(This website/awe-struck.html) and I realize the spectacle would not be as beautiful without the dark gray cloud on the horizon. 1
36. Because if you did not wear spectacles the brightness and the glory of the Emerald City would blind you. 1
37. Beta is a wide pair; it makes up a lovely spectacle in binoculars, and is in a rich field. 1
38. Biff had drawn up a stool nearby and was drinking from a hip flask enjoying the spectacle. 1
39. Big media continue to view the situation through rose-tinted spectacles while consumers see red. 1
40. Black peak overlooking Ko, such as a huge stone bridge Superlative Craftsmanship become a spectacle. 1
41. But after the spectacle in Baghdad, it's harder to find fault with those who worry that they eventually might. 1
42. But at least the unedifying spectacle of comrades in Christ tearing strips off each other over gay sex will vanish from the headlines for a bit. 1
43. But Bobby just sat there with a wolfish grin as guests moved in to witness the spectacle. 1
44. But both the production and Fiennes rise superbly to the spectacle of Edward's decline. 1
45. But catastrophe produces spectacle; this is the hard lesson imparted by California history and geology. 0
46. But everybody was talking, and intent upon the grisly spectacle before them. 1
47. But Peckinpah is unable to create any objectivity towards the sadistic spectacle, in the manner of, say, Akira Kurosawa. 1
48. But she had no leisure to enjoy the spectacle of Mrs Quatt's sudden drop from favour. 1
49. But the big spectacle is reserved for spring, when thousands of tourists, 80 per cent of them Texans, come to see the hillsides ablaze in wildflowers - especially the bluebonnet. 1
50. But the songs featuring the dancers provided the spectacle. 1
51. But was it somehow implicit in the spectacle, the spotlights, and the theatrical production values? 1
52. But with all its spectacle and pageantry, Ben - Hur is a story of people. 1
53. By the third day his eyes ached unbearably and his spectacles needed wiping every few minutes. 1
54. Capable of seating 50, 000 spectators, the Colosseum was used for gladiatorial contests and public spectacles. 1
55. Caption :A spectacled bear named Dolores, who has lost almost all of her hair, walks around her enclosure at the zoo in the eastern German city of Leipzig. 1
56. Certainly, the SHOW had nearly enough of the requisite glitz for a modern pop spectacle. 1
57. Christmas has become a commercialized spectacle. 1
58. Chu Fun, a popular 32-year-old morning-radio host, wears contact lenses for nearsightedness, but she wears glasses, too, choosing from among four pairs of lensless spectacles. 1
59. Claims have been made for government compensation of the artisans who fashion expensive spectacle frames, combs and jewellery from the shells. 1
60. Coming soon to a computer screen near you: full three-dimensional animation without the need for funny spectacles. 1

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