Spared Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use spared, so you can learn how to use spared in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word spared here, and see the words sound like or similar to spared

# Sentence Times
1. A last minute goal spared their blushes. 1
2. Achilles had spared Priam, but Achilles' son struck him down before the eyes of his wife and daughters. 1
3. Although we are spared the details, it resulted in all the barbed wire on the course being removed. 1
4. And yet Roosevelt was not spared the lash of critical analysis. 1
5. Anthropologists of future centuries can be spared digging through layers of sedimentary rock. 1
6. Apart from the commander of the garrison and his guard who were given safe conduct to Ascalon they spared none. 1
7. At least we were spared the misery of having to do it all again. 1
8. Because changes have come incrementally, direct taxation remains low and Hong Kong has been spared the costs of armed forces, the shift is easy to overlook. 1
9. Because the telephone booking subscribes terms most lengthways for 10 days, the telephone booking has the initiative aperture of window advance sale and spared the passenger lines up of sorrow. 1
10. Better spared than ill spent. 1
11. Branson spared no expense in getting Event off the ground. 1
12. But Caster and several other longtime tenants begged that the building be spared because of its unusual neoclassical design and rare charm. 1
13. But he, unconsciously, has not spared me either. 1
14. But she was spared from that ordeal when Anthony Bourgois pleaded guilty to charges of false imprisonment and carrying a knife. 1
15. But the king spared Mephibosheth, the son of Jonathan the son of Saul, because of the LORD's oath that was between them, between David and Jonathan the son of Saul. 1
16. But this bird was spared that indignity. 1
17. By the grace of God their lives were spared. 1
18. Caligula spared the slave's life. 1
19. Certainly nothing was spared to make her happy - if money, and attention, and general spoiling could do that. 1
20. Chicago is often spared ; we aren't as iconic as Manhattan. 1
21. Children are not spared from this global epidemic, with its debilitating and life - threatening complications. 1
22. DNA also shows that Tut was probably spared bubonic plague, tuberculosis, leprosy or leishmaniasis. 1
23. Due to such motive, it is spared to uglify female and marriage. Thus romance killing female as a kind of ceremony to become sworn brothers. 1
24. During the bombing only one house was spared . 1
25. Everyone was ordered to the crematorium in October, but a bombing spared them. 1
26. For many months the lands around the mountainous regions to the south of Kislev were spared the constant threat of Orc attack. 1
27. Grateful to be spared the unsettling power of that dark gaze, Ronni took the opportunity to study him for a moment. 1
28. He had had a very hard time indeed to persuade the King, but he had spared no pains. 1
29. He might have spared his compunction, for Catherine had not noticed the lapse. 1
30. He spared neither nor. 1

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