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Below is a list of some of the sentences that use smarts, so you can learn how to use smarts in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word smarts here, and see the words sound like or similar to smarts

# Sentence Times
1. A hard-working cupcake maker is inadvertently elected mayor of a small town burdened with debt. Uneducated, she relies on her street smarts to clean up the town. 1
2. A sexy female boss hiding dark family secrets from her past and using her street smarts to get even. 1
3. Book smarts and street smarts are very different things. 2
4. Book smarts, art smarts, body smarts, street smarts, and people smarts: These labels describe the various forms of intelligence and their use. 4
5. But language experts say that no matter how dumbed down the techno shorthand looks, the wordplay has a positive impact on students' spelling smarts. 1
6. But since then, that has changed, as Burns impressed senators with her smarts, dedication and political savvy. 1
7. But this reef fish could be in danger of losing its smarts as levels of CO2 in the ocean continue to rise due to human activity, according to a new study. 1
8. But you do have to be a smart person and I personally prefer street smarts. 1
9. Elena, for all her smarts as a seasoned reporter, is an innocent abroad. 1
10. EXAMPLE: The international sales director our company hired last year has a lot of street smarts that help us to overcome our overseas distribution problems. 1
11. Gretel: A little girl with her own smarts and a trust in her brother. 1
12. He also mentions "street smarts", by which he means reading situations and people, often unconsciously, and developing human relationships. 0
13. He gives examples of policy-making without non-cognitive street smarts. 1
14. He's got the smarts to figure out what to do next. 1
15. I have always prided myself in having good savvy, street smarts, or political skill at work. 1
16. I have always prided myself in having good savvy, street smarts, or political skill at work.This website 1
17. I learned a lot of street smarts during the years when I had to walk through Times Square to my office everyday. 1
18. I probably had developed some street smarts and some think-on-your-feet type skills by the time that I was a teenager that some people don't come across until much later in life, if at all. 1
19. I spotted Tony Redfern's surveillance team on my first pass of the Smarts' warehouse. 0
20. I think I need to work on my street smarts . 1
21. I've long said, what you lack in academic knowledge you make up for in street smarts. 1
22. If she had any smarts, she'd get rid of the guy. 1
23. In a city that prides itself on street smarts, some New Yorkers today are praying for a snow job. 1
24. In the SmartStream scheme, mainframes can be retained as file servers while cheaper Unix boxes assume its traditional tasks. 0
25. It encompasses books smarts and street smarts, financial genius and emotional intelligence. 2
26. It just takes a little Foxy strategy, ingenuity, and fashion smarts. 1
27. Others think that street smarts and hands-on experience are the best way to get ahead. 1
28. She also helped to set up courses in street smarts and bicy - cle safety. 1
29. So it seems that novel environments, including urban landscapes, may select for street smarts—at least for birds that flock toward the city lights. 0
30. So often the prime mover is an inventor of some sort, while the partner brings street smarts or finance, or simply energy and confidence. 1

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