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# Sentence Times
1. "We will remain in a very sloppy bottoming process," says Stuart Schweitzer, global market strategist for the JPMorgan Private Bank in New York. 1
2. A crazy Kisser enjoys being sloppy and free. 1
3. A darkroom can become a very sloppy place to work in. 1
4. Actually, I think it is sloppy and childish; but I also think that, if it were only this instance, it could be looked on as a blind spot. 1
5. Add the milk, adding sufficient milk until the mixture is sloppy but holds its shape. 1
6. Add the milk, adding sufficient milk until the mixture is sloppy but holds its shape. Stir well. 1
7. And so I went through the math on this and said suppose I wanted to be really sloppy and I wanted to say if the delta X, the uncertainty in position is on the order of one angstrom. 1
8. Ann was dressed in a sloppy brown sweater. 1
9. Another sloppy pass like that might lose them the whole match. 1
10. Arizona made 20 miscues against Oregon State, including a dozen in that sloppy second half. 1
11. As a student, he was brilliant but sloppy. 1
12. As is clear from the above, Giddens's querying of Freud is more than a pedantic concentration on sloppy terminology. 1
13. At home I tend to wear big sloppy jumpers and jeans. 1
14. Be sloppy, unshowered, and unpresentable in public. This may cost you your social life; luckily, I work from home. 1
15. Ben has very sloppy handwriting. 1
16. But he can be sloppy about detail. 1
17. But, be prepared to pay the penalty if you're sloppy and get it wrong! 1
18. Captain and coach carry the can of sloppy thinking. 1
19. Computer-aided design may make a good designer out of a sloppy one. 1
20. Dickinson's broken meter, unusual rhythmic patterns, and assonance struck even respected critics of the time as sloppy and inept. 1
21. Does this mean that the web design can look sloppy or amateurish? 1
22. Don't be sloppy, you have to look presentable and neat around customers. 1
23. Don't make the mixture too sloppy. 1
24. Embroidery calls for great care . There must not be even a single sloppy stitch. 1
25. Fashion today is sloppy mediocrity. 1
26. Frank always gives me grief about my sloppy handwriting. 1
27. Girls at Tewkesbury School in Gloucestershire could be forced to wear trousers as part of a move to stamp out sloppy dress. 1
28. Has anyone else ever found a better pretext for a sloppy snog? 1
29. He carefully cuts away the spines and skin protecting the seedy red fruit within, affording a sloppy stolen treat. 1
30. He castigated the secretaries for their sloppy job of filing. 1





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