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# Sentence Times
1. " There'll be just one brief skirmish and the Yankees will skedaddle back into Tennessee. 1
2. A badly damaged North Korean patrol ship retreated in flames yesterday after a skirmish with a South Korean vessel – the first naval clash between the two nations in seven years. 1
3. A conventional skirmish would escalate into a nuclear exchange. 1
4. A day before the event in Niagara Falls, Semaphore lost a last-ditch skirmish in court. 1
5. A minor skirmish ensued as people fought over supplies. 1
6. After all, these inevitable little skirmishes were part and parcel of their relationship. 1
7. After one court trial and numerous skirmishes, Williams was accused of subversion a second time in 1635. 1
8. Although frequent high-level negotiations were subsequently, held, skirmishing continued. 1
9. Although skirmishes in the Yellow Sea are a likely result, few observers think that North Korea has any real intention of starting a general war. 1
10. Bates was sent off after a skirmish with the referee. 1
11. Because of skirmishes in the countryside, my father picked destinations that were at most a two-hour drive from the capital. 1
12. Border skirmishes between India and Pakistan were common. 1
13. Border skirmishes between India and Pakistan were common. This website 1
14. Bush has become embroiled in destructive skirmishing at home even as his aides maneuver adroitly to avoid pointless battles abroad. 1
15. But it will not be. They will drive them out of Georgia in one skirmish. 1
16. But what began in May 1998 as a skirmish over a remote stretch of border exposed a deep reservoir of bitterness. 1
17. Collect of network literature skirmisher is formed normal " a group army ", and the content with more mature mode, wider range, richer do one's best. 1
18. Everybody but Toby enters into this skirmish. 1
19. For us it was a war...for them it was a border skirmish...the problem nowadays is that we constantly get high on the patriotic jingoism created by our beloved media that we barely realize our weaknesses. 1
20. Go out of the barricade, slip along close to the houses, skirmish about a bit in the streets, and come back and tell me what is going on. 1
21. Government soldiers ran into a group of rebels, and a skirmish followed. 1
22. Guatemala was the first skirmish of the cold war in Latin America. 1
23. He did not hesitate to skirmish with the Confederates now, for his position was a strong one. 1
24. He had finished fourth in the opening race after a skirmish with Aussie Anthony Gobert. 1
25. He talks of regrouping like a colonel after a skirmish at Yellow Tavern. 1
26. He was finding that oddly agreeable because in spite of previous unpleasant skirmishes with her, her frank arrogance had always engaged him. 1
27. He was killed in a border skirmish. 1
28. He was shot in a skirmish with the enemy. 1
29. I see now that these were just the first skirmishes in a never-ending guerrilla war. 1
30. In 778 Charlemagne invaded Spain, trying to take advantage of skirmishes between the Muslim rulers, but was repulsed at Saragossa. 1

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