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1. "In an hour or two, we'll be somewhere else protesting, " said Patrick Bruner, an English major at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York, who has been serving a spokesman for the protesters. 0
2. "The approach in the media is that the Cuban revolution is on the skids, " Kirk said. 1
3. A car whined in protest , but skidded staunchly out of its driveway. 1
4. A computer simulation model designed to evaluate the potential performance of a 4-wheel-drive articulated skidder under a variety of assumptions ard constraints has been developed. 1
5. A digital aircraft anti - skid braking controller based on embedded DSP - TMS 320 LF 2407 was introduced. 1
6. A horse skidded on ice, whinnying loudly as it fell to its side. 1
7. A medic jumped in as we got light on the skids. 1
8. A national network television audience can judge for itself when the Suns visit the Lakers and attempt to break a two-game skid. 1
9. ABP ( tm - Why skid? 1
10. According to witnesses, twin-engine plane crashed after a belly landing skid, also hit a car. 1
11. Accurate wedge angle preventing from skidding . 1
12. After he lost his job, Pedro ended up on skid row. 1
13. After his divorce, Mike bearrived a drunk down on skid row. 1
14. After looking up, this is really take outside the downcomer and the air conditioning machine as a way, skids burglary gang which the window enters the inner rooms. 1
15. Along with engine bed speed enhancement, the guide rail use also by skids to rolls the transformations, the ball bearing guide rail and the roller guide rail need quantity rapidly is rising . 1
16. And at floor level the Revue sits on four skid feet. 1
17. And if you want the best stand-up comedy available for a dollar, try a speaker meeting on skid row. 1
18. And it the characteristic of waterproofing snow defence , skid proff , noise insulation. 1
19. Anti - skid, non - maik, wheel with parking brake. 1
20. April 27, a UAE driving a pilot in the Italian F-16 fighter planes skidded off the runway when landing, the pilot managed to escape through the ejection seat. 1
21. Back to deal with the foam latex, PVC, and other anti - skid plastic drop cloth. 1
22. Backwash - The skid is back washed to remove excess solids and maximize the chemical cleaning efficiency. 1
23. Barnabas leapt from the sofa and dashed after the biscuit that had skidded under a wing chair. 1
24. Because many skiers rely on skidding, they come unstuck in deep snow. 1
25. Because of demands on tire skid resistance, polybutadiene with high vinyl content are of particular interest to tire industry due to the inherently better grip properties. 1
26. But when the car skidded across the mud beside the demolished tenement, the clown was waiting bare-faced for him. 1
27. Croft's comeback hit the skids yesterday when she lost in the quarter-finals. 1
28. Currently Crook is the lead guitarist for Sebastian Bach ( skid Row ). 1
29. Cut the gusset off from the ODS drawworks skid, and weld back on square, production and QC issue. 1
30. Dear Skid: Ursula is a big believer in making the man come to the kitchen if he wants home cooking. 0




skids (third person present) · skidded (past tense) · skidded (past participle) · skidding (present participle)

  - (of a vehicle) slide, typically sideways or obliquely, on slippery ground or as a result of stopping or turning too quickly.

  - fasten a skid to (a wheel) as a brake.


skids (plural noun)

  - an act of skidding or sliding.

  - a runner attached to the underside of an aircraft for use when landing on snow or grass.

  - a braking device consisting of a wooden or metal shoe preventing a wheel from revolving.

  - a beam or plank used to support a ship under construction or repair.


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