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# Sentence Times
1. .. and application situation of solvent deasphalting - deoiling asphalt gasification - deasphalting oil FCC group technology. 1
2. .. image ads increases the pool of ads - particularly cost - per - thousand - impression ( CPM ) ads - bidding to display on your site. 1
3. .. introduces research and application situation of solvent deasphalting - deoiling asphalt gasification - deasphalting oil FCC group technology. 1
4. “He’s probably the most creative person I’ve ever met,” says Sam Yagen, the chief executive of the company, who cofounded the Web site with Rudder and two other friends from Harvard. 1
5. “It took that to make people sit up and take notice, ” said Dr. Steven Goodman, professor of oncology, pediatrics, epidemiology and biostatistics at Johns Hopkins University. 1
6. “Just five years ago, there were five sites in China that supplied the whole country,” Mr. Corbett says. “Now these machines are commonplace.” 1
7. ' kids thought: 'I will first tell the person sitting in the plane seat belt, and then I I put the parachute jump out. 1
8. 'A can of worms' is an expression which means 'a difficult situation'. 1
9. 'Caution' is the key word in this situation. 1
10. 'China is clearly a crown jewel in the GM universe, ' Mr. Akerson said. 'China is a unique market sitting in what I think is the highest growth area in the world for the next 10, 20, 30 years.' 1
11. 'It became crushingly apparent that I couldn't pretend anymore that all of my clients were sitting on the fence, ' she says. 1
12. 'It's a sterile Disney-fied walled garden surrounded by sharp-toothed lawyers, ' Mr. Bray wrote on his personal Web site. 'I hate it. ' 1
13. 'It's a weird feeling, ' says Mouton, 'to sit there and beat the beast. 1
14. 'Not his best performance,' she commented to the woman sitting next to her. 1
15. 'Now, cheer up, Toad,' she said, coaxingly, on entering, 'and sit up and dry your eyes and be a sensible animal. 1
16. 'The situation in the inner cities is bad and getting worse,' she concluded. 1
17. 'This is a handy cove,'says he, at length,'and a pleasant sittyated grog - shop. 1
18. 'You don't seem to appreciate the situation, ' she said tartly. 1
19. " 21 centuries " : You how does avant-courier of look upon eye look the situation that rise abruptly, how be faced as the light? 1
20. " A drought is considered "exceptional" when the situation extends beyond what "could be considered part of normal risk management, " according to the center. 1
21. " And last fall, in October, he made an apparent attempt to deflate the divorce rumors by sitting for a televised census count alongside his wife, who told the census taker, "I am his wife. 1
22. " Chuang-tzu" sitting on my desk, the book everywhere punctuate small sister-in-law Juanxiu text. 1
23. " Don't sit up . " the boy said. 1
24. " He confided to the viewing audience what the crowd at the Kodak Theatre does during commercial breaks: "Mostly we sit here making catty remarks about how you look at home. 1
25. " HORSEPLAY " on the project site is strictly prohibited. Running on the project site is allowed only in extreme emergencies. 2
26. " I think I'll sit out the next dance, I am tired. " 1
27. " If somebody'll come here and sit with him, " he snapped authoritatively. 1
28. " Ryan wrote, "the hotel may be Mr Qaddafi's strength and the opposition do-or-die site, the frightening thought kept in mind. 1
29. "A cross was flying to the near post where I was and I was jumping to make a header, " Skrtel told SITA. 0
30. "A written record is a cheap, effective therapist, " says psychotherapist Christopher McCullough, author of Always at Ease: Overcoming Anxiety and Shyness in Every Situation. 0




sits (third person present) · sat (past tense) · sat (past participle) · sitting (present participle)

  - adopt or be in a position in which one's weight is supported by one's buttocks rather than one's feet and one's back is upright.

  - be or remain in a particular position or state.

  - (of a legislature, committee, court of law, etc.) be engaged in its business.

  - stay in someone's house while they are away and look after their house or pet.

  - (of a bird) rest on a branch; perch.


sits (plural noun)

  - a period of sitting.


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