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# Sentence Times
1. A round table was covered with a white linen cloth and glistening silverware. 1
2. Am I sentenced to a life of padded cells and plastic silverware, avoiding sharp objects at all cost? 1
3. And the tinkle clink of silverware on china , the hiss and gurgle of the coffee maker. 1
4. Arsenal kept their four-pronged assault for silverware this season on course with a hard fought win over Huddersfield in the FA Cup, but the 2-1 victory came at a huge cost to Arsene Wenger's side. 1
5. Do not pick up silverware that falls from the table. 1
6. Do not wipe off your cup or silverware in a restaurant. 1
7. Drogba has revealed that he agonised over his future in the summer, but is happy to have remained in West London and expects to be rewarded with some more silverware. 1
8. Electroplating Drying treatment for Watchcase, Tableware, silverware and Metal parts after Electroplating. 1
9. Ensure a sufficient supply of all silverware, glassware and Chinaware for service. 1
10. Everton paraded their recently acquired silverware. 1
11. Fan, Lpg Equipment, silverware , Plastic Products Sanitaryware, Plasticware, Sanitaryware. 1
12. For half an hour she lay on the floor in pain before they finally left with a hoard of silverware. 1
13. From down the hall came the sound of tinkling silverware and the scrape of a chair being settled in its place. 1
14. He rubbed up the silverware with a clean dry cloth. 1
15. Her gear shifts sounded like twenty cooks pushing trays of silverware into an industrial-strength garbage disposal. 1
16. Her silverware consists of knives forks spoons a water pitcher and candlesticks. 1
17. However, now that it's our only remaining chance of silverware, Johnson and his teammates are desperate to keep progressing along the road to the Irish capital. 1
18. I cracked jokes, told stories, performed little tricks with the silverware. 1
19. I set the table before dinner, and washed the silverware after dinner. 1
20. I unrolled my silverware, picked up my fork, and carefully speared a ravioli. 1
21. In the new part of the town, wide boulevards house a range of tempting duty-free shops for buying silverware and ceramics. 1
22. Injured Chelsea midfielder Michael Essien believes the never-say-die attitude of his Stamford Bridge team-mates will mean the Blues end the season with more silverware. 1
23. It includes drawings for wall decorations, tapestries, silverware, stage designs and even a triumphal car. 1
24. Just forget about anyone wheeling a linen-covered table into your room with plates, silverware, wine glasses and ice buckets. 1
25. Mitchell touched the silverware in front of him, rubbed his thumb in the hollow feminine side of the teaspoon. 1
26. Moisture leads to the tarnish of the silverware. 1
27. Never rest silverware partially on the plate and partially on the table. 1
28. On board, there were silks, porcelain, silverware, cotton, and other goods for sale or trade. 1
29. Our reputation is built on the manufacturing skills that have made Sheffield world famous for cutlery and Birmingham equally renowned for silverware. 1
30. People often buy stainless steel silverware because it tarnish easily. 1




  - dishes, containers, or cutlery made of or coated with silver.


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