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1. "Black" refers to the black fungus. Every 5-15 grams of auricularia eclipse, can significantly reduce the blood viscosity and blood cholesterol, helps prevent blood clots. 1
2. "For now, there is euro demand around $1.40, but it's just a matter of time before it goes significantly lower," said Greg Salvaggio, vice president of trading at Tempus Consulting. 1
3. "Opportunity for each" is promised, but within the bounds of each person's ability; the reality is, some people will realize the American Dream more stupendously and significantly than others. 1
4. "Recent improvements in the current account balance, especially in the trade balance, have shown that there is no basis for yuan to appreciate significantly, " Guan wrote. 1
5. "There is no study showing that pork meat significantly improves sexual activity, " Amado Bechara, a specialist in sexual disfunction, told the website of the newspaper La Nacion. 1
6. A 2010 study found that friends are significantly more accurate in judging traits like intelligence, talkativeness and creativity—traits that are observable and measurable. 1
7. A complete or partial response to maximal androgen blockade was observed in 65%, being significantly higher than that in flutamide alone (39%). 1
8. A control group of mostly 20-something volunteers was less fazed by the interruption; their performance did not drop significantly. 1
9. A correlation curve indicates the distance over which the motion at one point significantly affects that at another. 1
10. A family history of alcoholism significantly increases the risk that an individual will develop the disease. 1
11. A further set of issues contributing significantly to globalization concerns the environment. 1
12. A glass or two of wine will not significantly add to the calorie count. 1
13. A Harvard University survey found that Americans significantly overestimate the cost of higher education. 1
14. A heavier arrow loosed by the longbow would have had a significantly reduced exit velocity. 1
15. A history of cesarean section was significantly higher than the failure rate of abortion history of natural childbirth. 1
16. A mollusc past the initial stages of growth increases in size without significantly changing the orientation and relative proportions of its organs. 1
17. A recent University of Iowa poll shows that Alexander is the only candidate to have gained significantly since December. 1
18. A significantly greater number of patients treated with dapsone gel had "no acne or minimal acne on completion of treatment, " the authors note. 1
19. A significantly positive correlation between Hillreaction activities and ureide contents in young stems was Observed. 1
20. A substantial number of those cells significantly changed their firing rate in the delay compared with the baseline, and some of them showed the differential delay activity. 1
21. A through - wall circumferential crack in an elbow subjected to in - plane moment can significantly reduce its load. 1
22. A total herbivore is able to coexist with an omnivore because they have significantly different diets. 1
23. A. Meyer(G. S. )are reported. In vivo, G. S. significantly enhances anti-sheep red cell-specific plaque-forming cell response and the activity of natural killer cell in mouse. 1
24. About leaf sampling, the portion of representing specialty on nutritional status may be obtained near the midrib of the blade and it was shown that K content significantly increased along the midrib. 1
25. Above all, Faber's ambition is significantly higher than simply to write a nightmarish thriller or other genre work. 1
26. According to Tom Halfhill, industry analyst and editor of Microprocessor Report, the eight-core Godson 3B will still be significantly less powerful than Intel's best chip, the six-core Xeon processor. 1
27. Accuracy of hearing loss prediction is not significantly affected by chronologic age and minor tympanometric abnormalities in the present study. 1
28. Acetic acid changed unremarkably. Succinic acid changed not significantly from stage one to stage two, then increased and it was the highest in the stage three. 1
29. Activated pepsinogen was significantly reduced in the stomach of H pylori positive patients only. 1
30. Activity of catalase, polyphenol oxidase and peroxidase tendenced similarly in lake sediments, and there was a significantly positive correlation between oxidoreductase and hydrolase. 1

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