Shoddy Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A more likely scenario is that male rape victims would be afforded the same shoddy treatment as their female counterparts. 1
2. After being ground down by a rude customer and an unsympathetic boss, they might give shoddy service to good customers. 1
3. But most workers fear employers would renege on these obligations, and that China's shoddy regulatory system would let them get away with it. 1
4. But tied aid leads to shoddy work. 1
5. Disclose according to Mr Li, chromatism of color of bedroom floor tile is bigger, pattern is messy, shoddy. 1
6. Exhibit A, above, is clearly a shoddy effort created with crayons bearing no resemblance to Victoria. 1
7. Factories turned out shoddy and overpriced items. Many houses went private. 1
8. He accused the garage of shoddy workmanship on the bodywork. 1
9. He called for checks to discover whether corrupt officials are being bribed to connive in shoddy construction. 1
10. He resorted to shoddy workmanship and used inferior maaterials. 1
11. He resorted to shoddy workmanship and used inferior materials. 1
12. He was accused of shoddy workmanship. 1
13. I always complain about bad service or shoddy goods. 1
14. I threw the last one's sketches across his office and told him: shoddy, unexciting, no thanks. 1
15. I'm normally quick to complain about shoddy service. 1
16. If consumer knows only, be fleeciness cotton at this moment, the person that be sold possibly again is shoddy. 1
17. In the autumn twilight the great building appeared simultaneously shoddy and grandiose. 1
18. It is a fairly shoddy way to treat an employee. 1
19. It is said that this bracelet is made of red coral, but after 3 days the color of its surface is pulled off. It is shoddy product absolutely. 1
20. Its outcome is the dull market and the popularity of counterfeit and shoddy products. 1
21. Our new washing - machine keeps breaking down it's entirely due to shoddy workmanship. 1
22. President Bush has apologized to war vets about the shoddy conditions at Walter Reed. 1
23. Sinclair, a curmudgeon of taste and integrity, defends the river against the shoddy plans of the Chamber of Commerce. 1
24. The cane furniture, silver framed pictures, and extravagant, wall-mounted lighting seemed out of place in this shoddy high rise. 1
25. The events of 1989 did away with political tyranny, stultifying central planning, shoddy output and shortages. 1
26. The female knot-tying weaverbird will refuse to mate with a male who has built a shoddy nest. 1
27. The market was glutted with shoddy goods. 1
28. The problem was, I got tired of treating people with shoddy equipment and time-expired medicines. 1
29. The shoddy performance of the networks and cable news channels is indefensible. 1
30. The telly faded, the shoddy oilcloth vanished, the beautiful sunshine we were missing was forgotten. 1




shoddier (comparative adjective) · shoddiest (superlative adjective)

  - badly made or done.


shoddies (noun)

  - an inferior quality yarn or fabric made from the shredded fiber of waste woolen cloth or clippings.


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