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# Sentence Times
1. "It" is a video disgusting two girls, kissing, and "then" the date of departure and to respond to two " girls " cup video two girls and free video clip Cup, and video sharing, "hosting. 1
2. "Job sharing is a wonderful addition to a company's flexible schedule, " said Marjorie Schelling, category business director for Jell-O brands at Kraft, and Ms. 1
3. "The prevalence of American open classes reflects the spirit of sharing, " said Yu Xinke, Vice chancellor with the Continuous Education School of South China University of Technology. 1
4. 1995 brought "Warp Connect", a version of OS/2 with LAN Networking and file/printer sharing, which IBM had been selling as a separate add-on until then. 1
5. A Britain which saw a resurgence of enterprise, sharing greater wealth more widely than ever before. 1
6. A commune was a community of people sharing possessions, living accommodations and work (or lack thereof). 1
7. A computer virus is a bit of programming code that gets passed from machine to machine bye-mail or the sharing of programs. 1
8. A dynamic and verifiable threshold color visual multi - secret sharing scheme was proposed. 1
9. A great quantity of work and the painstaking probe into the rational distribution and coordination of the documentary resource sharing have been done since the PRC was established. 1
10. A joint committee to monitor the power - sharing deal has been set up as agreed on Monday. 1
11. A multilateral agreement where signatories would place into the public domain, or find other means of sharing at modest cost, the results of largely publicly funded research. 1
12. A new classifiable method of multilevel topology, which based on whether or not sharing the DC voltage sources is given in this paper. 1
13. A new classifiable method of multilevel topology, which based on whether or not sharing the DC voltage sources is given in this paper.This website 1
14. A new kind of dynamic key escrow scheme is presented with a new secret sharing scheme. 1
15. A nice atmosphere in a good restaurant helps open the doors to intimacy and sharing. 1
16. A non-linear quantity discount function for supplier based on the revenue sharing contract is given. 1
17. A partnership agreement shall not stipulate for the distribution of all profits to part of the partners or for the sharing of all losses among part of the partners. 1
18. A recent advancement in storage technologies called de-duplication is a precursor to memory sharing in Linux and other hypervisors. 1
19. A security is the evidence of indebtedness or certificate of interest in a profit sharing contract. 1
20. A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside. Denis Waitley  1
21. A spring compressor is used for covering part of the guide bar containing the torsion spring, and the door basket of the invention can put and fetch the food conveniently while sharing the components. 1
22. A strong focuson data collection, data sharing centralized , multi - level interactive operation ofautomated work management. 1
23. A typical transaction cost model with no-convex-no-concave function is introduced; a goal-programming model of portfolio investment is put forward with the profit sharing. 1
24. A UNIX system runs any number of applications simultaneously, sharing its finite physical resources judiciously among all. 1
25. a vaccine which protects against Hepatitis B, a highly infectious virus which is transmitted sexually or by sharing infected needles. 1
26. A vector space secret sharing - multisignature scheme without a trusted share distribution center is proposed. 1
27. Academic people can express a caring attitude by applying or sharing information, especially their insights or conclusions, freely with others. 1
28. According to the land use, population density and coverage percentage of the public transport station, the sharing of public transport among traffic zones and their travel demand can be determined. 1
29. According to the thinking of resources sharing and the need of traditional NC system, the system model and the software architecture of the central control unit is designed. 1
30. Active Memory sharing is a virtualization technology that allows multiple partitions to share a pool of physical memory. 1




  - have a portion of (something) with another or others.


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