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# Sentence Times
1. "In this mechanised working face, this single shaft and single face ranks No 1 in China ... in the world we are No 1, " he says. 1
2. 25 passengers flung themselves down the elevator shaft trying to escape the fire. 1
3. A 23-foot-long steel rotor shaft and two roller bearings transfer the mechanical energy to the generator. 1
4. A bolt is fastened through the bush to thereby fix the rocker shaft on a cylinder head. 1
5. A brilliant shaft of sunlight burst through the doorway. 1
6. A buffer is placed between the dynamic shaft and friction wheel, which may be a very good method to solve the problem. 1
7. A circulating two-level turbine engine with two pumps is composed of a turbine, a turbine shaft, a two-level booster pump wheel, a guide pulley and the expansion chamber shell. 1
8. A composite sensor of shaft current and shaft magnetic flux belongs to checking technical field, and is used to solve the checking problems of shaft current of a motor. 3
9. A crew was sent down the shaft to close it off and bail out all the water. 1
10. A double-faced configuration of the gas film seal in counter - rotating shafts was studied, including the working principle of gas film seal and the calculation of the system balance. 1
11. A fender is arranged on the top of the apical shaft of the jack. 1
12. A fire broke out in the main lift shaft. 1
13. A fire rages out of control from a ventilation shaft at the Pike River Mine in Greymouth, New Zealand. 1
14. A fire rages out of control from a ventilation shaft at the Pike River Mine in Greymouth,(This website/new zealand.html) New Zealand. 1
15. A food container conveying device is arranged in front of the material turnover rotating shaft A. 1
16. A friction-reducing bearing consisting essentially of a ring-shaped track containing freely revolving hard metal balls against which a rotating shaft or other part turns. 1
17. A gland bush flange connected to the bearing cap flange is arranged at the bottom of the open tube shaft. 1
18. A gray brick tunnel, dimly lighted, led to the elevator shaft. 1
19. A large belt pulley (7 transmits the reinforced rotation speed to a fan main shaft (27. 1
20. A lawn aerator has a series of tine assemblies spaced along a driven shaft driven by a motor. 1
21. A manservant , Lotung, who was the brother of Lota, sat on the outside in Mr. Yao's cart, one leg crossed on the shaft and one left dangling. 1
22. A method for aligning the shafts of a turbo - generator set is introduced. 1
23. A model could be used before insertion of artificial femoral shaft because of the defects of femoral neck and femoral calcar. 1
24. A motor shaft gap used for a sealing plate for a seal air channel is left between the belt pulley and the end cover of the motor shell. 1
25. A new technique, supporting funnel method, is introduced and controll large - scale collapse in main shaft. 1
26. A new type of conveyance receiver has been developed for the winding system of vertical shaft. 1
27. A newspaper deliveryman took a freak spill down the elevator shaft of an Upper West Side high-rise Thursday morning when he tried to get out of a stuck lift. 1
28. A number of corridors, galleries, and escape shafts either lead to the King's burial chamber, or were intended to serve other functions. 1
29. A pair of spur gears for mounting on parallel shafts are the most common type of gears, which have straight teeth. 1
30. A piston links to a drive shaft by means of a connecting rod. 1

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