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# Sentence Times
1. According to a source familiar with the Red Crossreport, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed claimed that he was shackled and kept naked, exceptfor a pair of goggles and earmuffs. 1
2. After getting rid of the shackles of the colonial rule, the political struggle within the Black African countries, except South Africa, started to turn from the 'racial arena'to the 'tribal arena'. 1
3. All through the feudal ages the ruling class did their best to shackle women with Confucian ethics. 1
4. And to Return, free of the shackles of human physical embodiment. 1
5. At last fasten tension chain ends with a shackle. 1
6. Baseball owners, once thought to be shackled by tradition, are on a roll. 1
7. Be light-footed and free without the shackle, you can feel the passion of naivete. 1
8. Because there was no windlass, both ends of the anchor line were shackled together, Ward said. 1
9. Being shackled to one epoch meant it had to change and adapt but try to reconcile this with harsh realities. 1
10. But why shackle yourself to that horror? 1
11. By image comparison of two women in the works, we could see that the independent women were gradually shackled by the feudal ethical code with the establishment of feudal ethics. 1
12. Changing metaphor, the equilibrium unemployment rate is seen to be shackled to the actual rate. 1
13. Daniel Craig plays Jake Lonergan, a gunslinger in 1875 Arizona who wakes up in the desert with a mysterious shackle around his wrist and his memory wiped clean. 1
14. David Copperfield's stupefying rendition of the Death Saw illusion, where a gigantic industrial buzz saw sliced a shackled Copperfield cleanly in half? 1
15. Deck Logbook Anchored firmly, 6 shackles in water, switched off navigation lights, switched on deck lights. 1
16. Dingchui percussion sound out of my heart, a steel shackles of the Loop my arm. 1
17. Don't Break Sap, Sheep, Shackle! You break it! You tank it! 0
18. Emboldened by what she saw her friend get away with, Diana felt able to loosen the shackles a little. 1
19. Emmanuel suffered a miscarriage two weeks later and was taken to the hospital shackled and handcuffed. 1
20. Every few years the industry begins a campaign, backed in medical journals, for release from its shackles. 1
21. Facing such a large first innings total, the batsmen were shackled by the need to save the game. 1
22. From now on, these items will be included in the existing export ban of leg irons, shackles and gang chains. 1
23. George W Bush is not shackled to the unilateralist idea, and in office realism would no doubt often prevail. 1
24. Harris-Moore was wearing short pants and shuffling with shackles around his ankles and handcuffs behind his back. 1
25. He is too young to shackle himself with the responsibilities of a family. 1
26. He shackled private enterprise with Byzantine controls and denied autonomy to the public sector. 1
27. He takes off the shackles put on by kings and ties a loincloth around their waist. 1
28. He unbolted the shackles on Billy's hands. 1
29. He was blindfolded and shackled to a radiator. 1
30. He was shackled and in darkness of torment. 1

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