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# Sentence Times
1. 'Man', as a blanket term for both men and women, is now considered sexist. 1
2. "Gender jihad is the struggle against male chauvinistic , homophobic or sexist readings of the Islamic sacred texts, " said Abdennur Prado, one of the meeting's Spanish organisers. 1
3. A new female editor found it sexist. 1
4. A particularly important division is between those who regard sexist language as a symptom and those who regard it as a cause. 1
5. And there were those men who encouraged us to reprimand them for sexist thoughts and deeds. 1
6. And, of course, he was a sexist. 1
7. Are modern games more sexist? 1
8. As feminists resist sexist language, so many speakers have resisted the alternative. 1
9. At a deeper lever, it has a sexist component. 1
10. Before anybody complains that all this is very sexist and demeaning - I entirely agree. 1
11. But after they take off a stewardess appears. Cabin crew, John reminds himself: stewardess is sexist. 1
12. But there is no excuse for modern hymns to contain gender-based or sexist language. 1
13. Chauvinist : She was so angry at his sexist remarks that she called him a chauvinist pig. 1
14. Come on, Jack, don't be sexist. 1
15. Controversy surrounds the TV show, which many consider to be racist, sexist, and homophobic. 1
16. Criminalisation of soliciting is a sexist law and it's one that concerns all women, because any woman who goes out at night without being accompanied by a man can be suspected of soliciting. 1
17. Despite the breakneck advancement of women on one level, traditionally sexist assumptions and time-honored bigotry remain enshrined on another. 1
18. Do they have sexist, ageist or racist attitudes that might emerge at a critical point in your work together? 1
19. Even if women are legally entitled to equality, sexist language still activates and re-circulates deeply held beliefs about female inequality. 1
20. Farrakhan has long been controversial for remarks that many consider anti-Semitic, racist and sexist. 1
21. Femininity explained and justified everything for his sexist generation, but not for mine. 1
22. Feminism's objections to sexist language have been much parodied. 1
23. Firstly, I understand that you must edit letters, but the crucial point on avoiding sexist language was omitted. 1
24. For them, the major problem with sexist language is that it is outdated. 1
25. He found himself in the firing line for his sexist remarks. 1
26. He objects to the sexist label - he doesn't think he's sexist at all. 2
27. He told some really offensive sexist jokes. 1
28. Hello. Tinstant is an emergency . Can eager please sexist ambulance? 1
29. His sexist attitude infuriates me. 1
30. I also don't mean to be sexist because the same scenario works when the sexes are reversed. 1




sexists (plural noun)

  - characterized by or showing prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex.


  - a person with sexist views.


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