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# Sentence Times
1. physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer thought of a linefrom the Hindu scripture the Bhagavad Gita: "I am become Death, thedestroyer of worlds." 1
2. ' sputnik " is an example of a Russian word which has been transliterated into Roman script .'sputnik " 1
3. " It's Hollywood, " Bryant said with unabashed glee. " It's a movie script. " 1
4. "The list is the booster shot needed for quality older scripts that have become invisible or exciting new scripts that need momentum to get them towards the screen, " adds Godfrey. 2
5. "We'll have text orientation, vertical text layouts,(This website and support for complex script and ligatures". 1
6. A brand new script that include some important events such as "the Suppression of the Templars", and missions such as "The second Crusade". 1
7. A character that enters the Scriptorium can spend 1 Action Point to read the dusty old books. 0
8. A culture-sensitive comparison of two strings depends on each character in the strings having several categories of sort weights, including script, alphabetic, case, and diacritic weights. 1
9. A customized script (customized software) has to then be put into the OPEN Wrt operating system. 1
10. A lot of the commands being used here are UNIX/Linux commands that set, export, etc. paths that are embedded inside of a UNIX shell script. 1
11. A packet monkey, unlike a script kiddy, leaves no clues,(This website/kiddy.html) making the identity of a packet monkey more difficult to trace. 1
12. A person introduced the dramaturgical perspective , likening Self-presentation to theater , with actors, performances , settings , scripts, props, roles, backstage areas , and the like. 1
13. A popular misconception holds that the authority of scripture renders interpretation unnecessary. 1
14. A possible compromise may be to take advantage of kludges such as the DATA pseudo-file handle to tuck data at the end of a script. 1
15. A reading desk with a slanted top holding the books from which scriptural passages are read during a church service. 1
16. A report in the Wall Street Journal last year claimed that Facebook executives attempted to "massage" the film's script to make Zuckerberg look less of a Machiavellian oddball. 1
17. A return to scriptural authority is the only answer. 1
18. A saw encrusted with the same sawdust that I picked up in the scriptorium . So the scribe sabotaged the shelf that fell on Philibert. 1
19. A script engine acts as a mediator between your scripting code and an underlying language interpreter or compiler that ultimately executes the code. 2
20. A scriptwriter is in charge of writing shooting scripts, turning the ideas into reality based on the knowledge of television and needs of programs. 1
21. A sign warning trespassers printed in the copper-plate script normally reserved for wedding invitations would inhibit nobody. 1
22. A simple way to get the XMLCh string constant is to use in the scripts directory. 1
23. A successful option to meet both needs is a minimalist window manager that runs on top of a powerful window manager, allowing you just enough flexibility to script with ease. 1
24. A third group, generally rather small, comprises the makers (the scriptwriter and director of your fantasy story, say). 1
25. A tiny scalable script interpreter targets at the MCU based measurement device is proposed. 1
26. A tiny scalable script interpreter that targets at the MCU based measurement device is proposed. 1
27. A TOP-secret script for the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie was found in a greasy spoon cafe after movie chiefs stopped for a fry-up. 1
28. A traditional basic formula is scripture, tradition, reason. 1
29. Accelerating violence and horror eventually hit maximum velocity and warp into nonsense, no matter how erudite the script. 1
30. According to Kitty Burns Florey, author of script and Scribble: The Rise and Fall of Handwriting, teachers report that children learn to read more easily when they write the words they are studying. 1




scripts (plural noun)

  - handwriting as distinct from print; written characters.

  - the written text of a play, movie, or broadcast.


scripts (third person present) · scripted (past tense) · scripted (past participle) · scripting (present participle)

  - write a script for (a play, movie, or broadcast).


scripts (plural noun)

  - a doctor's prescription.


  - Scriptural.

  - Scripture.


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