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Below is a list of some of the sentences that use scrap, so you can learn how to use scrap in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word scrap here, and see the words sound like or similar to scrap

# Sentence Times
1. "He called the plebs the scrapings of Romulus," says Jones. 1
2. "I fell in a ditch", he said, rubbing at a scrape on his hand. 1
3. "It's just a scrape, " said the boy looking down at his bleeding knee. 1
4. "It's just a scrape(This website/bleeding.html), " said the boy looking down at his bleeding knee. 1
5. "Of course I'm glad, lass, " he answered, boorishly , opening his knife again, and scraping away at the hedge-stake. 1
6. A couple of kids were having a scrap in the street. 1
7. A crumpled scrap of paper was found in her handbag. 1
8. A device used on a sand line in the tubing of an oil well to scrape the wax off the tubing. 1
9. A few scrawny chickens were searching for scraps of food in the dry earth. 1
10. A former Best Buy employee, Newman would watch troves of wild-eyed shoppers kick, claw and scrape their way to holiday deals. 1
11. A gentleman has never scrapped with others. 1
12. A gunner fell off his seat on the ammunition box and was crushed by the limber's scraping violence. 1
13. A hand holding a scrap of hanky pressed on her veil where her mouth was. 1
14. A less common sight was two blacksmiths with a portable, coal-fired forge on a piece of open ground, beating out scrap iron into meat-cleavers. 1
15. A lorry piled with scrap metal had shed its load. 1
16. A lorry piled with scrap metal had shed its load. This website 1
17. A lot of scrap metal can be melted down and used again. 1
18. A magnet separates out scrap iron from the rubbish. 1
19. A man comes round regularly collecting scrap. 1
20. A miscellany of soda caps, drink cartons, and plastic scraps sits at the edge of an Acapulco, Mexico, beach. 1
21. A more efficient temporary solution would be for governments to buoy the buying price of scrap. 1
22. A new composite thermal insulation material is made taking haydite, scrap foam, cement and pulverized fuel ash as main raw material in definite proportion under normal temperature. 1
23. A novel method for automatically detecting the scrape exfoliation of train wheelset tread surfaces was proposed. 1
24. A nurse's aide gathered his belongings together, threw out a few unimportant scraps of paper, put the rest in a plastic bag. 1
25. A patchwork quilt is a good way of using up scraps of material. 1
26. A piston and scraper assembly (26 is provided with a snap lock between the piston (5. 1
27. A poll for the Peterborough Evening Telegraph suggests that the Tories will scrape home. 1
28. A rummage in the scrap box revealed an odd plastic corner plate. 1
29. A shrill whistle could be discerned, audible above the scrape and screech of the music. 1
30. A steep, wall as clean as a whistle, without a scrap of vegetation. 1








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