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1. A larger interval would be appropriate for some scenarios, such as a branch office network, and necessary for larger numbers of managed nodes. 1
2. A technique to simulate and evaluate the command and control system in union operation with the system scenarios is presented to reduce the time and expense of system development. 1
3. All of the winners' case studies are described in terms of company's background, business scenarios, return on investment (ROI), project organization and lessons learned. 1
4. All that thinking and pondering on the what-if scenarios and the questionable doubt only stirred up another question - why was I saved? 1
5. Allows customized sampling scenarios through statistical sampling. 1
6. Also, this system partition may be used by utility software, such as backup problems, to support dual boot scenarios. 1
7. Although the integration points were described as three separate scenarios, a typical problem-isolation scenario would seamlessly blend all these scenarios together in various combinations. 2
8. Are you willing to complete test scenarios and surveys while beta testing? 1
9. As I did in Part One, I will continue using the Behemoth Retail Company, a fictional organization for which we're developing a data warehouse via true-to-life scenarios. 1
10. As the Middle East erupts, there are plenty of scenarios for global conflagration. 1
11. Based on the above scenarios, the bullwhip effect can be observed by inventory fluctuation, time and level transfer ratio. 1
12. Because the TDT was extrapolated into four distinct scenarios--a/1, a/2, b/1, and b/2. 0
13. But her scenarios are without irony, studies of skin as flesh rather than repositories of myth and moral fable. 1
14. But in the long run, the right guidance can save you from months of poor performance and other budget-busting scenarios. 1
15. But in the western world, the vision of our postindustrial future has been polarized between two very different scenarios: that of the "Reversionaries" and that of the "Technophiles." 0
16. By exploring context scenarios, you can get a good idea of what functions need to be integrated to provide a seamless, goal-directed experience. 1
17. Case law has shown that court rulings on these kind of scenarios have resulted in arbitrary decisions. 1
18. Chapter IV: areas of scenario is the type of content of speech level, the scope of space between the typical scenario is divided into areas of atypical areas of scenarios and situations. 1
19. Checked exceptions inherit from Exception class and are used to handle recoverable errors such as business error scenarios. 1
20. Designers role - play personas as the characters in these scenarios, 5 similar to actors performing improvisation. 1
21. Disinformation, best - case scenarios and a dose of self - hypnosis distort our theories. 1
22. During tests of the system, the anti-jam GPS overcame electronic jamming in various scenarios, including multiple simultaneous jamming. 1
23. EFSA used the highest value of melamine (approximately 2, 500 mg/kg) reported in Chinese infant formula and consumption at the 95th percentile as a basis for worst case scenarios. 1
24. Even electricity demand, which has historically grown faster than total energy demand, decreases in two of the five scenarios. 1
25. Factor in a host of other complex variables, and it might simply be easier to avoid making the decision at all, rather than wade through the depressing list of regretful scenarios. 1
26. Fan-in and Fan-out scenarios are supported through new primitives for splitting one message into multiple parts, or aggregating several messages into one. 1
27. Firstly, after discussing the acquisition scenarios, acquisition method, and scan pattern in acquisition technique of optical intersatellite communication, the acquisition probability is studied. 1
28. For example, in installation, deployment, and just-in-time resource activation scenarios, the resource might not exist when a manager starts to interact with it. 1
29. For our first beta we've focused on enabling two different scenarios - batch computing via MPI and interactive computing via IPython. 1
30. Further, graphite cores may be safer than non - graphite cores under some accident scenarios. 1

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