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# Sentence Times
1. 'No!' he snarled savagely. 1
2. " Now it'll be all over town,'said Rhett savagely. 1
3. " Where do you think you're going? " the thin - faced soldier demanded savagely. 1
4. "I'm a desperate man," he growled savagely. 1
5. "It's definitely happening, " says Dan savage, who writes the syndicated newspaper column "Savage Love" and is himself a gay father (he has a son). 1
6. "It's definitely happening, " says Dan savage,(This website. 1
7. "Noble Savages" is Mr. Chagnon's account of his life's work, an apologia pro vita sua. 0
8. "What do you want!" she whispered savagely. "Get out.". 1
9. A dog that savaged a five-year-old child was later destroyed, police have confirmed. 1
10. A man shall come with a drum and a lute, and he will soothe the Lions savageness . 1
11. A manticore savaged someone but was let off because no one dared go near it (PA11). 1
12. A pain slashed at her heart as savagely as a wild animal's fangs. 1
13. A savage clampdown on the US consumer might have thrown the world into recession. 1
14. A savagely funny double header providing some of the answers! 1
15. A searching, frantic hand savagely grasped Maggie's hip, and she yelped as sharp nails pierced her skin. 1
16. All that can help man out of savageness and ignorance is the embodiment of civilization. 1
17. Although the Dream is beautiful, its primal savagery can also be deadly. 1
18. Amitabha: Music has charms to soothe a savage breast, to soften rocks or bend a knotted oak. (William Congreve . 1
19. An eight year-old girl was hospitalized after being savaged by her pet rottweiler at her Tuen Mun home. She suffered facial, arm and leg injuries. 1
20. An ordinary schemer would have been content to work with a savage hound. 1
21. Analyses the quality and characteristic of the savageness diamond, synthetic diamond and PCD, compares the applications in the present exactitude machining. 1
22. And gone was the gritty buccaneer look that so perfectly complemented his savage forehand. 1
23. And Marx adds: " In the Greek gens, the savage ( e . g . Iroquois ) shows through unmistakably. " 1
24. And the dramatic ascent, though interrupted by savage relapses, is both exciting and moving. 1
25. Ann: In my teacher's opinion, he said that the author, Jonathan Swift, criticized the human evil nature, such as greedy, brutal, and savage. 1
26. As the student's uniforms are traded for spears and war paint, the innocent boys devolve into uncontrolled, bloodthirsty hunters and ultimately, savages intent on killing the "beast". 1
27. At night, packs of savage dogs roamed the streets. 1
28. At present the urgently problem in synthetic leather field is the distinct difference of hydrolysis resistance ability between synthetic leather and savageness leather. 1
29. At present the urgently problem in synthetic leather field is the distinctness difference of moisture absorption ability between synthetic leather and savageness leather. 1
30. At this time the brutality of the vicious Communist thugs was snowballing into cold-blooded savagery. 1

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